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Make a lot of money is not what is fires or motivates tom. He follows more of a. You are doing well unless you're also doing some good line of thinking guys that's very very similar to to the message that we're seeing here at the show. Now king's company have been built around the simple principle of do the right thing that can nineteen ninety nine. Tom's personal passion for food in his concern. Over the explosion of metabolic disease led him to found savita brands now known as icon foods with emission. Stem the tide Diabetes city by providing consumers healthy alternative to sugar in recent years. His passion for food in optimal health have intersected with his embrace of a ketogenic. Low carb high fat diet tons latest project is a line of ketogenic comments intended to help. More people successfully adopt a healthier lifestyle. Guys i got a chance to try out some of this Candidates sent me a full package of of of of what he's created with the guy gone. Tito brain yasser shocked me hit book and we unpack a lot about you. Know the origin of savita brands. How he got into the food industry when he had this kind of waking moment while at a conference in realizing that he was living kind of two different lifestyles. What again things very true in. They were similar to the messages started. This show we get into obviously the ketogenic life that we get into the dangers of some of these other economists. Why do we need to pay attention to not just our food but what we're putting on our food. They talk about bio hats and we give him an in touch on longevity. Well which is something that. I'm really fascinated by. So this is a very powerful conversation very insightful. So many takeaways to grab a pen grab the paper guys. Get ready for today's conversation but for the guys let's get into the conversation. Adopting a janik lifestyle with the guy kito. Tom king hope you guys enjoy tom. King the guy gone kito. Welcome to the super life. Thank you frank. I appreciate it Superstock to be on your podcast and then ready to dig right in..

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