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803 995446. That's 803 995446. You're on night side with Dan Ray Until you BZ Boston's news radio back to the calls we go. Let's go to Ken in Florida can next. A nice actor right ahead. Began the voice of reason. I'm a how you doing? I'm doing great hope it's a little warmer in Florida tonight than it is here in New England. You know what heat on in a CIA on and off all day. It's crazy down here, 70, But you get your cold money. That's good, actually good sleeping weather, which what's your reaction to the craziness of the last few days of the last few weeks in the last few months? I'm gonna take a big, deep breath. Had a sip of my find Jameson whiskey and my friends up in Vermont. Steve White in the sun or listening to anyone to say, I sure don Harrison. Okay again? Yep. And Steve White. So I want to say first of all, uh, I think The vice president, Mike Pence, deserves the The Nobel Peace Prize, the profiles in Courage Award. Oh, yeah. The Kennedys. Oh, yeah, well, this line him up terrible, but I'm right in there. I think it defines what President Kennedy's book profiles in. Courage was all about. I think they actually if they're smart, they would consider him. And Trump threw him under the bus. I thought that was Just disgusting. You know, working at home, isolating welcome home, and I had the news off and I came in the kitchen with the news on and always absolutely appalled. So all I can say is I just want to Echo the sentiments of Lindsey Graham. Great senator from Mama. So, Caroline. He said, Listen, we had a good ride. No, I've been a Trump supporter told you numerous times. I don't like the man. There's nothing really here is no redeemable characteristics and support him. No one of his policies and you know you I've gone through all the nonsense with him. A splinter group said I'm out Come out. I mean what he did today, and you were part of it. Jones. There was it. It was. There's a transcript online that the chance to read it. But it's two way way too little weight way to aging. It's just distant, you know? Well, I played it at the top of the show can and again. I My feeling was that should have been his statement maybe two months ago at this point that once it became apparent that the alleged Hannah right to challenge the voting and some of these states, but I don't know. Once once you lose 20 battles in court, 30 what? At? What Point do you say? Hey, um It's just not in the cards, e thought, you know, I have so many friends that they hate me. And now unfriended me. We thought he could show Don't of class. And what he did yesterday to incite that crowd. Was just it was inexcusable. And when we're not even talking about the lack of security, that's not his responsibility. What? What he did to incite That crowd was just he can say Make any comments now, Nate speech, But the damage has been done to him permanently. Is he trying to protect his brand? Or his chances for 2024, because that's out the window. I think it definitely is. I said earlier to you. I think he basically Metaphorically, doused him himself with gasoline or doused his political future with gasoline and lit himself his family because they're just a sad as he is, who got to him. Well, he said he did surround himself with a lot of sync, authentic characters on D. He's surrounded himself with a with a lot of people who weren't capable to do their job. Um, he was he was a horrible Uh, hey, made horrible choices in terms of the people and of affect the most loyal people with the people who left him early, um including and Bob are left him late and today. Um Bob Barr was did not pull, pull any punches. Um, he called Trump's actions yesterday, a betrayal of his office. How many books they're going to be written about this presidency. Do you think lots and they will sell a lot of they will sell a lot of books. Simple is that Hey, can I gotta run? I got full lines. Great to hear your voice is always Thanks for checking in with us this afternoon to talk to Ken. Well, being consumed by your bet you let's see anxieties. Now. There's I eat in Linz, I we missed you before. Let's hope you there now go right ahead side. I'm here. That's what about Welcome back 15 years. Same to you, sir. What's your take on all of this? Me. I am very very. I was upset, my friend. I saw this happen yesterday, capital of the United States. And I am super present, but one I saw yesterday and then the president. He didn't con darling. Anything and then she so still supporting his stealing. You still like tragic dividing us? Asked Condemning that is no right way And then she's destroyed the Republican Party on reality. Is just through his losses, right? I mean enough. You know this United States history is not like Today and tomorrow. The history all people of the wars. They're watching a new it. And then 44 wisdom passed by before Colonel Tom Mr President Donald Trump. But we will support him but his destroy all these things. Is that everything? Yeah, well, I'll tell you this. I think that eventually the Republicans will pull themselves together. Let's see how the other Biden Harris team does. I have something that I have to think. Yep. My first thing is I want to Republican party. We need a good leader. I want Oh, government. Much decision shall be beggar Recon when being praised on lecture 2024. And then the second thing I need toe like Terrence Party. They try to run. Find something good other energy because two bodies sometime is horrible. You know you don't need it. I got to tell you something. If you want a third party is if you split either the Democratic Party of the Republican Party in America. All you will do will be assured. The party that stays together will be elected forever. Trust me on that. If you split the Democratic Party, the Republican Party would would win every election. If you split the Republican Party, the Democratic Party would win every election. But I want my government want to put those on next 2024. All right, friend. Thank you. Thank you. So you talk to you soon. Let me go to Pam up in Nashua, New Hampshire, Pam. Thanks for checking in. Welcome. How are you tonight? Hey, Dan. Happy New Year. Happy New Year to YouTube Way to start the new year. Listen, I respect you a lot. And and your opinion. Um, And you're a very intelligent man. So I appreciate that as well. Not immediately. Thank you for coming. Go ahead. Go ahead. I wanted to say that I watched everything that happened. Starting I was watching all night the the Democratic race in Georgia. So I started watching television than and waited to the the hours of the morning to see the results. So I started watching television then and didn't stop because of what happened. Um, the terrorists on our capital there. So that that was obviously a very disturbing to everyone. I have not been a trump supporter. I don't believe that He's a moral character. But I do believe in our government and I do believe Republican Party is Democratic Party will will survive this. However, I wanted to mention you get that A lot of Democrats did not acknowledge Trump tents. Mean Pence in his actions yesterday to let you know that during the when they when Congress reconvenes to sort big electoral colleges and register them, every single Democrat that talked. The first thing, they said, was how much they admired and appreciated pence. Well, that's good that that's good to hear on. And if I miss that I would have liked to have heard something today from from from the President elect, I would have liked to have heard something from the vice president elect. Because I think they are the titular heads of that party and I think that what vice President Pence did took some political and moral courage. Okay, so that that was the one thing and I agree with you, but the other thing was, I would have slowed to hear Marco Rubio and Lindsey Graham. Finally get back to themselves and realize what they have been supporting and enabling with Donald Trump. Did you hear them speak last night at the when the Congress reconvened? Yes. Well, I heard Extras of it didn't hear it live because obviously I was on the air last night. Um, but I.

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