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First mass vaccination site, he told reporters after the year the country just went through. The vaccines are a light at the end of the tunnel and give people hope for the future in Foxboro, Kevin Tana Cliff WBZ Boston's news Radio Second Massachusetts Covert vaccination side is set to open in Fenway Park February 1st tucked into the state's new police reform. Our is a provision to help police and those living with autism interact with each other. WBC's Karen Regal report. People living with autism interact with the world differently, and this new provisions seeks to ensure police can communicate with people living with autism being a crisis situation. Or more routine situation. More Sullivan with the advocacy organization, The Ark has been working on this bill for a while, they often have communication difficulties and processing time. These Um, sensory issues from police, sir. Sometimes trained to, you know, get a response and if they don't get a response to kind of get louder or moving closer, um and these things certainly don't work for people with autism up next. Getting current police officers trained as well, The thing about this training, says Sullivan. Is that it's fairly quick and tell it to police situations. Karen Regal WBZ Boston's news radio, 5, 33 traffic and weather together. Theseus Maru. Retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes up to the North. Still bothering us, Mike Yeah, it's still a bother here. 1 28 of Ben, let's go right up to the WBC news radio traffic copter. It just keeps getting worse. Here. Now we've got two different crashes. I won 28 1 of them's on the north bound side after North Avenue, Wakefield four vehicles involved here. The state police around seeing that get the left lane taking you need to stay to the right to get by. So that's has won 28 north bound back to the 93 cloverleaf. We also have a crash. What? 28 South bound up before Walnut Street, Lynnfield. This one involves a bunch of What? We lost her there, But, yeah, we have another crash. Yeah, This is 1 28 south, and this one has delays reaching right back to Route one in Peabody. So two separate problems here in the upper and everyone 28. Now looking to the south. We see the expressway is a little busier. Now it is stopping Go getting by mass Aven Self day After that, you're good to go north bound is fine for those coming in Rue. Three seems to be clear down along the South shore, but delays to win or will this afternoon It's a pretty bad crash Cleanup happening route 53 near the intersection of Grove and high streets. It's got true 53 South back before 2 28 Quinones corner and it's got to 28 back towards Route three. Elsewhere. 1 20 eights doing pretty well through Need him and get him and re 24 south is clear down towards 4 95 my king WBC's traffic on the three partly to mostly cloudy skies as we head through the evening Tonight, temperatures will be In the mid to maybe upper twenties. Some sunshine develops tomorrow. Temperatures Warm, too will be into the low forties but won't last long will have a flurry or two north or west of 4.

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