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Listen really enjoyable to watch but nothing happened. I know we kind of going through the like waiting to find like the spot. It just ended right. So we're not going to recap the parts. That don't even need a discussion. Like i think if we want to touch on one thing from the melissa and joe element. I do love seeing them happy. I don't care the drama. That comes from them fighting. I know a lot of people thought that it was overly dramatized. I would much rather see them so seemingly happy and in love and i wash that type of dinner ten ten times over them storming away from each other the jersey shore right only because i know how much they really do love each other i think genuinely in my heart that they belong together. I just wanted to be on the same page. Joe gorka just needs like reality. Check which i think melissa did kind of give him of like. I'm not a different person. We're just in a different phase of our lives and we don't have toddlers running around the house not cooking a meal when you come home from work. Things are different and we still love each other the same. I don't feel like it's a different marriage or just different right. And the only thing that i wanted to just mention about that is clearly. We've spoken about this a million times. How the way that jovis all this stuff is completely antiquated. And like we are so melissa side and we wanted to be an individual and working and you guys know the one thing that i don't know if we really spoke about was a few episodes ago when joe said in his confessional basically something to the effect of the fame has gone to her head and so i guess i just wonder. Is it a fair question to ask if him. Wanting this old traditional way is a separate factor from him feeling like the fame has gone to her head or is one being used as a cover what he really wants. Because i don't think it's the craziest thing to think to exist in. Those are two separate conversations. I think it kind of goes hand in hand. It's like the overall lifestyle when he says goater head her now going from just being a stay at home mom and not really feeling necessarily fulfilled. Even she says joe was the boss to now kind of having this celebrity and her own businesses and doing her own thing in feeling validated on her own important on her own and more of an equal to him. I think he kind of realized that she got that fuel because of her fame like all i think falls under the same umbrella but that was interesting to your say i mean i think anyone would say the famous gandara theresa's probably said that end. The fame has gone to theresa's head just as much if not more. Yeah on certain level. Hard for not to. Maybe i don't know. Yes i know this an like really a major storyline here but i just wanted to say that i was really happy that dolores documented her biopsy processing just talking about how important it is to go free mammograms because so many women do not go either out of fear or just forgetfulness and it is the most important thing in the world literally. The reason that i had ten extra years with my mom was because her the first time she got cancer it was caught before even stage one stage zero and those only because of the mammogram. So i really echo that sentiment and just another reminder to anyone listening take care of yourself. Dolores his message of she takes care of others in non herself. I think a lot of people can relate to that. Yeah ok this medium night. That was my dream. I love a psychic. Medium has lives episode. They need to do like a full marathon of every sake episode that have has been on bravo because there is just something about it. I will take that over a huge party. I'll take it over a trip. I'll take it over an escape room. I'll take it over reunion this spring. Something out and bonds the group in such a way. I recognize it in salt lake city. It wasn't a psychic. It was a hypnotherapist. However i couldn't help but draw side by side in my mind of just the completely different tone because one was so drama centric in the other was so deep and emotional and i really loved both for different reasons. I love them all summer. Psychics some are medium. some are whatever it is. Just that overall. Like feeling of therapy and bonding spiritual is always always good. This one overall. I think was the most kind of like sweet and i do think it really bonded them. In such a special way hearing about their family members that have passed on and seeing them so vulnerable even dolores looks at recent. She's like have you ever even seen me cry like this. And they've been friends for how a forty years. Yeah i mean the thing is. I have been to my fair share of mediums. And i definitely am going to see her so when i do i will report back to you guys. But it's it is kind of rare at least in my experience for somebody to speak with that level specificity as it applies to names like they'll say e names or they'll they'll describe it but to say dolores is dogs exact name. I mean that sends a jolt through your body. And i know exactly how she felt in that moment because they've said sip thanks to me where i'm like. Wait a damn in it. Like when i got on the first thing she said to me was your mom just wants you to say your dad has cardiac issues. And he's not taking care of it. And i was like us eighth yesterday. You know right hand. I could feel though people who are kind of doubters saying while you're on reality tv. You know one. Google of theresa. You would know that. Her parents passed away in their names. And everything like that. So i thought it was funny in a later. Scene jackie's kind of explaining it to her family. Russia saying i've never posted one thing about gramma. Never mentioned her name anywhere. And that was who this medium brought up to me which you know that's also like a little bit of a fourth wall thing because then it made me happy that it felt like the women really believed it themselves.

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