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On Sunday night. Wade Miley goes for the Reds tonight. I'd imagine he's your kind of pitcher. A lefty who works quickly. Yeah, I liked everything about him. You know, I want I wandered into that worried about him in the spring training because he just wasn't ready. You know he wasn't Ready to go and I, you know, I said, man, we got a lot of guys trying to make that rotation, but, uh, yeah, he's been He's been a pleasant surprise. He's probably been better than they anticipated. But I'm telling you when you work quick and Phil strikes those guys make the players behind you, Tom, If I remember correctly, you learn to work quickly watching your dad's fast pitch softball. Do I remember that correctly? Correct. I had no idea they were on Time limit so they would go out there until three or four pitches in between ends. They go. They didn't waste time. And I you know, I can remember kids stepping out of man Little because I worked so fast. Uh, yeah, but that's where I learned it. And you know it was It was my rhythm was my tempo. I don't think it's for everybody. But it worked for me. Uh, because, like I said, I I prided myself. I'm throwing a lot of strikes and, uh I didn't get all those pitches back, but I just worked on Trying to keep my teammates in the game and all that. And they love playing behind me. Because, you know, they knew I'd like to throw strikes and, uh, every pitch on a chance be put in play. Hey, I was talking last night on the show. Yesterday was the anniversary of the Rob Dibble, Tim tough film ETS brouhaha and Shea Stadium in 1989. If I recall correctly, you might have had a part in that, perhaps in something that almost happened in the tunnel after the game. Is that right? Well, I was there. Oh, I wasn't leading the charge. But I can promise you, uh, you know, for some reason, Of course, when the Mets in 86 they had that just that awesome team and then you know they carried themselves. A little bit higher than most. Or at least that's the way it came across. So they struggle with a lot of people. But, you know, we had DeBow and Norm, you know, and those guys didn't back down to anybody. You know, I saw when I remember we had We got into an altercation here at Riverfront and Strawberry came out to the it only got to the foul line, he said. If anybody hits me, I'm coming to get you. So Norm was in like the seventh or eighth inning, A strawberry came up the first pitch. You hit him right in the rebbe's He just went to first base. Yeah, those guys. You know their names were, uh, they They just carried themselves that way. So I think everybody struggle. But I had Tim toughness now, Tim Truffle. Oh, my God. This This shouldn't be in the Hall of fame. If he faced me all the time because he just wore me out and Double. I think hit him in the back square right between the shoulder blades. The ball crawl down the vertebrates, water, the sound and then I I I see it after the game. I believe like one, Sam. Well called the clubhouse saying Meet me in the eye, and I think he was calling Norm or somebody was called nor meet me in the tunnel. Let's go. Well, the good thing about Jay Stadium if they got a police station there, so there was there was 60 cops there. There wasn't going to be any alter cases. I can tell you that, but it was, uh there was some hot tempers. Can promise you that there was just just in those days. Yeah, man. Oh, man. Hey, it is great here. Your voice, uh, should be fun this weekend and enjoy your experience at the All Star game. And don't don't mumble or blow that pick or mispronounced the name, all right? Well, I hope I get the right name. Because if it coincides with the one I got them. We're okay, Tom. Good catching up. Thanks. Appreciate it. You got it. All right. Take care. Tom Riley. He'll He'll make the picks for the Reds on day. 1 17 30 35 over all right. We got a lot of ground to cover tonight. We've got headlines to get two reds reaction. The inside pitch really Been talking little soccer with Pat Brennan, who sets up the showdown tonight from a T Q. L all of it ahead. Arnell Carrier Sports talk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet 700 WLW. From the UC Health Traffic Center. You see, health is the region's leader in cancer and Neurosciences care. This is science and in science lives Hope still working on the accident. Southbound 4 71 on the big back bridge. It's got the left lane blocked. Traffic is backed up to before or after. Rather, Dana Montgomery on South 71. There's an accident eastbound Fort Washington Way onto 71 that's got the right lane blocked. And a bit of a backup, forming there at the Brent Spence, 20 minute delay north Beyond from Dixie Highway. Fort Mitchell. Southbound 35 minutes above 74 stop and go Traffic east to 75 now between Dixie Highway Florence.

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