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For the person who owns this phone every time you select the grace brands. It's an expression of love. Let's see. I don't wanna eat his noise nonsense. I can't the point. Hi, sir. My name is marks Cameron. I'm calling from the prominent foment security, northeast division. Which racking suspect, and we're hoping you can help us out. Oh, sure that anything I can do. So we've got a man posing as telemarketer. Has anyone called you today sir, trying to sell your product. Okay. He's trying to sell your product. He get your credit card information and then he funnels that money for bad things. So here's what I need you to do if he calls you back to keep them on the line for a minute and ten seconds so we can track them. Okay. Yeah, I can help out your country here. Of course. I'm gonna American. I do not say anything. Don't don't slip up. Just ask questions about the product and we'll be monitoring the call. We just can't track them unless he's on the line with you. Ok, okay. We'll be listening. Mr. With Greece foods, cock soup mix today, sir. Very good. How are you? You can use Greece conch soup to add body and flavor to your chicken shrimp or especially beef. Sounds good. My several similar pieces of that several cans. How come. At that wait a minute I wanna hit. Hello. What the hell was that. Tried to call me back. What is he selling? You. We asked you to keep it on the phone and you didn't make a strong enough effort. We need. Keep it on the phone. He pulls back. Yes, sir. Thank you. This is Michael Oppenheimer with Chris. I not. Do you like cook soup, mix? I wanna try it. I want to know some people want to try to. Can I send you a dozen packets of this for seven ninety? Nine each? Sure. That'd be fun. That'd be fine. Let me find my credit card. Going mountains, I might lose you, right?.

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