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And now the Spiel just in the interest of fairness and adherence to principles which don't shift based on who's being victimized and who is being valorize authorized. I say I object. I object to one argument. The Democrats are making so robustly pursuing your rights. Even your the right to fight a subpoena shouldn't be taken as proof of guilt now surely let's admit it. foot-dragging via subpoena is clearly the trump tactic. He has used this tactic in the courts. He's used delay tactics for his business. But still I don't think this is a fair argument for a prosecutor to make the as a career law enforcement officer. I have never seen anyone takes takes. Such extreme steps to hide. Evidence allegedly proving his innocence. There's Val demings of Florida data. That's the proposition that fighting subpoenas were trying to rigorously pursue your rights to try to fight I to subpoena and then see what courts say that. That is an indication that you have. Something to hide is in general improper. I think that's a principle that I had here too. Therefore adhere to that principle in this case too. And if there's any question that this is what's going on here was representative Jamie Raskin on Chris. He's a show two days ago. They seem very determined all of them to make sure John Bolton doesn't testify. What is your read on that? Well I think my read is what Tom Paine would say which everybody used their common sense. People who are innocent conduct was perfect and absolutely perfect would want all of the witnesses to come forward okay but having heard that remember the Democrats do not want Hunter Biden to come forward Charles. Schumer said sow served. You be open to say a witness trade for hundred. I think that's off the table. First of all the Republicans have the right to bring in any witness. They want they haven't wanted wanted to and that trade is is not on the table. Okay of course. There are legitimate reasons to oppose hunter. Biden's testimony the most legitimate being it's illegitimate it's e- relevant John Bolton relevant witness Hunter Biden. Irrelevant witness it ends there. But I'm just pursuing the narrower our point the legitimacy of the Democrats saying that failure to produce a witness is a sign of guilt. Maybe they shouldn't say that. So plainly so starkly when they have Jeff Hunter Biden who they don't wanNA produce and I don't think they should produce again you guys understaffed adhering to a principal. And now let me admit something. I believe what I just said I definitely do. I think it's important to hold both sides accountable. I'm allergic to that. One mode of journalism opinion journalism. That says okay. WHO's making the argument that I know that I get to weigh? In on the logic of the argument I hate it but I am a little bit of me I am trying. I am pressing to find something an interesting in this whole ordeal to latch onto. And I'm doing this for me and for you but mostly for me but maybe because and threw me a little bit for for you because almost all of the arguments raised by Republicans. I mean literally. I've heard maybe one thing that was slightly interesting or when I cast myself into the mind kind of person who is fair minded and has already decided maybe one or two things where you could say. Okay I could see where that would go. I could see where that might land. But other than and that it's all chicanery from the Republicans and what we've mostly been getting the arguments from the Democrats which are solid but known terribly terribly known very much in the record so we have the obvious versus the poppycock the petty forgery as they say sorry. I shouldn't have said pettifoggery that would get Thomas Jefferson mad and I want to make clear. I'm not complaining about the pizzazz looseness of the whole process. Going back to the hearings in front of the House. Those recalled pizzazz list but those were great. I strongly disagree with that description of PIZZAZZ looseness. They had new info that firsthand testimony. They had real tension attention. The news they had information. This has none at best. This has old clips of those good hearings. It lacks feature that I think is very important it to get us to really attend to. And that feature is it's not episodic it just spools out and goes on forever even if a news news event is long and boring and has boring speeches and boring parts and listen a lot of news. Events do a UN General Assembly Ancients Creek. Davos isn't going to do much business on pay per view but what happens with those news events. Is They have endpoints. And because they have an points and because they have distinct start and stops a talented journalists can go in see what happened in that distinct period imposed some structure and organization and put forth a digestible news item them and we the public who want to be informed can be informed and we're not dependent on that news item hitting a certain cycle the nightly news the morning papers. I understand the twenty four hour news cycle but this event runs a thwart the twenty four hour news cycle. It never stops there is no discernible endpoint yes between one fifty. Am and sometime around noon. There was less testimony. Then they're usually is but if I ever try to catch up on what happened and I'm always saying to myself wait. Is this the thing that just ended or the thing that's going on and it's further complicated by the fact that all they're doing is talking about things that what happened in the past via clips that happened in the past via arguments that they've made in the past this preceding the impeachment trial unlikely acquittal of Donald J trump bleeds leads into the next fourteen hour impeachment trial unlikely acquittal of Donald J trump. We have reached an impossible level of dullness. And I know how I know how we've gotten there. It's actually not a how to WHO. And who is a him and the him is. Mitch Astronaut Consent that pursuant to rule one of the rules and procedure and practice when sitting on impeachment trials the sucker the Senate inform the House of Representatives is it the Senate is ready to receive the managers appointed by the House for the purpose of exhibiting article. Mitch McConnell arranged this Mitch. McConnell orchestrated this. It's only it was a kind of orchestra that had. Maybe one long node held for hours and hours and hours by oboe. And then maybe a cello play the note for a couple couple minutes just to placate moderates within the Orchestra Caucus Mitch McConnell Superpower Supper if he knows how to bore when others wakeup copy boys down on the boring down he knows he works. Best under cover of darkness so he provides the darkness and we all fall asleep. It is him I blame him. It is intentional. He is beating me. The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world that needed some sleep sleep. Mitch you are that devil and that's it for today show the justice produced by Priscilla Alavi. Who has been near senior a glass of milk but not necessarily affiliated with said milk developing Daniel Shroeder produced? I do suggest he'd have gotten this job. Regardless of the nepotism involved the gist. We are not interested in trading witnesses and last one of the witnesses Zion Williamson on a rookie contracts that we're listening Perot and thanks for listening..

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