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Worry. When a chairman of the joint chiefs staff undermines a president of the united states goes behind his back. Because you may be having do it to a guy you hate right now but that seeds the ground for a future chairman of the joint staff to do it to a guy you like. That's the problem. And that's why my miley needs to resign or be fired. Hello there it. Is eric your accent here. The show the full number is well. It doesn't matter. There's not enough time for you to call in. It's all right you know. It's striking that the democrats they wanted donald trump to be gone and now they want him on the ballot as much as possible This is for the washington. Post democrats are growing confident. California governor gavin newsom will prevail in. Today's recall election averting political disaster by energizing the voters across the country. His party's paid and close attention to how he's doing it warning democrats that they stay home. Donald trump at his agenda will prevail. Trumpism is alive all across the country. Newsom at a recent campaign. Stop in east los angeles talking volunteers for a black voter outreach group before they began knocking on doors. Is it any surprise. The entire trump organization is behind this recall. California's what a three democrat states. The virginia new jersey holding statewide elections this year in each state party leaders acknowledged that in past elections polarized and motivated voters that they had never won before his presidency. Democrats worried his absence from the ballot along with their party's historic difficulties. Interning voters out in non presidential elections with threat their chances so across the country democrats are trying to convince voters that republicans are just going to enact trump's agenda unless they turn out as a way to motivate them now. There's a lot of speculation that the abortion law in texas. for example will motivate democrats. Fire them up to come out and vote for the debris. I'm not sure that's actually the case seriously i. I'm not sure it is for a number of reasons. First and foremost i just. Don't actually think that Voters are going to care about a lot of these issues by november of next year. I don't think a lot of voters other than the the democratic voters who are gonna turn out anyway are going to care what i think. They're going to do what i think they're going to care about is the economy and jobs in our their kids back in school and are we putting groundwork all the virus this by the way is one big reason that the democrats are pushing for divisions between the unvaccinated the vaccinate they are hoping headed into the mid terms..

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