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There's drama to it at the plate right slide am i right. Side is what you gotta do and we'll go to break come back for winners of the weekend but another thing about this and we'll hear from dusty a as well during this next segment in the closing segment but this team while it's on verge of greatness they do. They've got some pieces. That can be really really good. The bench is gonna come into play as you mentioned and they are. They are a frigging blast to watch when they're when they're going good they really are but injuries could become a problem. But you gotta base front. And they're playing defense and you can't make those mistakes mc right i would imagine that dusty needs to put mccormick in the lineup more. But they're going to have to piece together some things because bench will come into play. It's going to be a you know when we say man that basketball team they only use six guys. Why are they all six as well. They're about to load management as we get later in the season they may not have a lot of room for those starters may have to play more than they anticipated. And that's okay with me. 'cause i hate load management. So bench will come into play at some point but they're starting nine win right nasty. Come right back winners of the weekend. I know we're a little bit long with this. We'll take a quick break. Come on back and finish this one up the last half hour sports. Talk seven hundred tell you what. When you're watching the stroz all season long. They should be drinking as an ice cold. Crawford walk from car back. It is summertime the forecast. This week is spectacular. Eventually going to get back to park where you get out to the ballpark. You go drinks and crawford box but something that i'm loving about summertime is swell. It's about time to get to that pool. It's time to relax. It's time to hang out. What is so good when you're out in that hot texas summer heat. How about the new ranch. Water heart seltzer from harbach Four spectacular options to me the original lime own. My goodness that thing is just absolutely fantastic. It's got that one hundred percent blue gob and it and it's only ninety calories in one car a sign me up for plenty of these. I've had plenty of these. Had a couple over the weekend mixed in with some tasty ways. Of course the summer seasonal beer which is fantastic as well but for those ranch waters. is that original lime. They also have a lemon flavor to go along with the prickly pear and the watermelon. I've had all four. You're gonna love all four. they're fantastic. We're in this world where the hartsell serves as big time thing. I'm telling you right now. Go ahead yourself. The ranch. Water from brewing. And you're going to say. This is the new one for me all summer. Long when i'm sitting out in that pool or by the pool on the beach. Whatever it is in this heat. It is a fantastic easy to drink beverage all summer long again. When you're out of the ballpark as well can go ahead and those crawford box from carbonic brewing heir fantastic as well and some of those tasty waves as well when you're out by the full because those are great with that summer seasonal. Make sure whatever you're doing this summer. It is something delicious from carbonic brig and make sure when you're watching stroz across crawford bach this charles. Barkley you guys thought. I put on some ways since days..

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