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Thank you man. It's an honor to talk to you as well. But congratulations on all your success. My family and big fans of your part of American idol as late. We love watching you to that show so great to meet you. Thank you well one of my friends because I was geeking out that you're coming on and I said Hey Tyler Steven Curtis Chapman's coming on and he said to ask you this. You kind of answered a little bit. But he said. Ask them if there was another Stephen Chapman. And if that's why he threw curtis in there. Obviously it was the right decision. Steven Curtis Chapman sounds better but always go by that. No I did not like every other kid. My middle name in fact. I think it's the reason we have middle names is. That's the way you know that you're getting your mom's getting ready to take you out of this world. The one that brought you so you know whenever I heard Steven Curtis Chapman in trouble so I was only. I was Steve Chapman. And then like you said. There's a Steve. Annie Chapman in fact their son Nathan Chapman went on to produce Taylor Swift's records a great songwriter and producer. But they're his dad. Was Steve Chapman and they made music and when I was growing up in fact not had their albums because I thought it was so cool in another Steve Chapman Made it was Gospel Music Christian music and so when I started writing people were getting confused when I first came to Nashville and they kept saying. Are you the son of that seat? Chapman? Or what's the deal? So the Steven Curtis Chapman thing was just a way to differentiate us Unfortunately I didn't think it through because Having had to sign. Autographs Thousand Times. Now I wish I had to go with something like toby or Carmen. But it's worked out Dan Carmen. You bring it back right now I harmon to holy cow on my head is exploding through all the memories of going to vacation Bible School and going to church camp. It was like that was like Steven. Curtis Chapman central going to church camp. We would go up to. I won't start okay. That's a whole conversation. You have to come in the studio one day. We do have things to talk about today. That would be amazing and I WANNA talk about. I A song. It's called together. We'll get through this and before I ask you something deep about it. I have kind of a personal question because it has Brad Paisley Lauren. Elena and you'll have to tell me about Tasha cobbs Leonard but my question is who did you call i. Well I called Brad Paisley I I'd written the song and I wanted to. I thought sounded like together. Needs some other people together Kinda make sense and And I thought a Brad Brad. I had shared a dressing room together at a Glen Campbell. Tribute Concert. Both of us fans and he was kind of our guitar playing singing idol growing up. And so we were both at this tribute concert for Glenn and we sort of bonded over our mutual love for for Glenn and his music and as you do when you're done it's like hey we should get together sometime and do music and of course. I'm thinking that's Brad Paisley and he's hosting you know seeing as and television commercials with Peyton Manning. What's he got time for doing something with me but I wrote this song and I thought of him to something and he could crush some guitar and a and a vocal on this so I had a mutual friend got his number. 'cause I didn't have I got an email so email and didn't hear anything for three days and I was like yeah. He's probably too busy. Who's this Chapman Guy? Bothering me so I texted him. Because my wife says you got his number texting. And the no because that's like next level bugging somebody but I finally did and I as soon as I said it. I got the little bubbles at the bottom. You know like he's answering. I'm Brad Paisley about and he's like did you not get my email. I'm totally in. Let's do this thing you know and So I did a little happy dance in the kitchen there with my wife and said he's GonNa Sing my song. So yeah. So that's how that started. Man That is that is really.

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