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Tony also Ziff Acura play if you don't hit threes, you can't win at any level of basketball anymore. What I'm suggesting to you is that you watched so much NBA right where people shoot so much better than they do in college. How he ended now to not as well not as well now. Sorry, Vince dupes gonna win as soon as I walks out there. I am. I'm not I'm not I I wanna see them because it's fun. He's the must see TV in all the basketball today. We finally got a leftover from the combine that's worth warming up Charley Casserly who helped put together. Some pretty darn good teams in his career as a general manager in the NFL is not toeing the party line on Oklahoma wonder can collar Murray, in fact. Salih said on NFL network quote. These were the worst comments I ever got on a high ranked quarterback, and I've been doing this a long time leadership not good study habits, not good board work below. Not good close, quote, Tony you've got to observe Cassidy for great many years when he ran the Redskins right here in Washington US. What do you think of him lowering the boom Murray like this? I think I think considerably less of it than most people on TV today where it was the hot. It was going crazy story on angry. I think of it as a tempest in a teapot. No disrespect to Charley Casserly. I watched him play in college. I thought he was great in college. Too different sports thought that this kid had enough talent to draft him in the first round. We are hearing that he's immature. We are hearing Dan Patrick said today that someone told him they Jerry rigged, the height, you know, they inflated his height. I think all of this stuff happens because somebody. Else wants them who doesn't think they're going to get them. Mike. I I watched him. I think he can play. I'm worried about him being slight again hit. But I think I don't even worry about to Kenny play parties. I'm not worried about that. I'm talking about the specifics of Casserly people are people trying to light of curly casually and discredit him. Charley. Casserly is not irresponsible. No, Charley Casserly, build a career. Which a lot of these other talking here. Dopes never did by building teams. That's right. We saw over for a hall of Famer, Bobby Beth standard. No but sustained sustained. Yes. He did. He drafted well enough in Houston that they ultimately even after he was going got into contention of some of the players. He drafted so Casoli is not he's not some mouth, dude. And takes the Twitter. They'll just as irresponsible things. So the fact that he says these things it makes me, listen, I'm paying attention. Listen, look, it only takes one team to draft somebody. I think a lot of. People are trying to get in the mix on him. Why are so many people so angry at Cassidy like he stepped out of line with the rockets of the NFL personnel. Evaluators had the nerve to say something independent. I think I think it is possible. And I don't know how far we want to go on this. I think it is possible that they think these sorts of comments impugn, his intellect and his work habits, and they go why you doing that with this particular kid? Okay. I don't know to me. He was forty two and in high school in Texas. He won threes. The results he went to Oklahoma starter for one year and one the high smear the results say he was doing something here where you know, was swindled kissed degree Baker Mayfield you tried to destroy now. I just want him. Well, I did try to destroy take a break. I don't care if I'm going, well, then Tonio Brown have a happy new home by the end of the wing and LeBron and the Lakers looking at yet another homecourt loss two nights. Well, we'll have to see that was road loss. Right. Dear to the grizzlies. They're not very good right now. They're not. They're not good. I thought they'd be a lot better. I'm fifty. I did I'm an idiot. Raise your hand. If you if you also had. Wilson back to America's last surviving. Psychic hotline where we hear into the future to bring you answers from the great beyond..

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