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It was only because I was having a lot of sex living that life rocks thaw, if you weren't get laid every night and fornication off the fact that you had this title around your waist, if you didn't have the title around your waist, and you didn't leave on when you were smashing. Checks like me, and you are not same champion. I'm sorry. We're not save champion. I'm a champion of the women the people, and I was having a great time meeting women in life. But like I said going into the bar is different for more than it is for another wrestler, very true bars. I go into a bar drinks. Get served to me food gets brought out to me, and I meet women and it's love and I reciprocate that energy because open, there's a lot of wrestlers that walk around with the fuck and chest out that don't give that made the credibility of the business and being tough guy. And they don't wanna talk to everybody. But with me dude, anybody can you come up to me on the street. I hit a foot shelf voi- show you how fast. My feet. I'll take a picture, which attack me it helps me market myself, and you're helping me grow my brand. I appreciate it. I appreciate all my fans. It's like it's the difference between understanding who Eric is America. And Enzo Moray the wrestler, and then Enzo the rapper. It's like everybody's got, you know, duality of man to out of two outta life, heel, and Babyface, bro. You got. Asserts piss appreciation. Seriously died right now. And so appreciate you got it onto. I know everybody's gonna be blaming me for drinking, the gallons brand so Virgil out now we just dropped at exclusive with smoke. Dizza remix. Wow. He's supposed to come on. Sometimes you need to get smoke in here. He's the real life, smokey like if you see the movie Friday, we'd off in New York, once exactly. He's do version of that. He's like the rappers plug. Yeah. So that's my plug. You know what I mean, I'm gonna say? But I. He's a serious businessman. Appreciate you coming on. Let's do this again. Sometime soon fuck. Yeah. I would love to gas baby chasm excel free. Jake paul. Jake Paul Logan. Paul, new pieces of shit. Jake Paul Logan poll shelf. This is creep sweet is. To you guys. Couple and herbs. Insecurities. Get your asphalt up if come to jersey remember petty, come to New York to the same Greg, Greg Paul to their dad. You might want agree. He's probably closer to your age bracket. All they're a little bit today. They're like, I think. Jay-paul Twenty-one J, Paul Jake things young twenty one twenty two wrestling named Jake. You know, guys fucking hard man. It's just the fucking child through snake, waiting for these kids balls to drop them. They could come have a fucking match. Couple men. Yeah. Smacking the fuck around they'll get balls. One of those, you know what I mean. I wanna see them hit the ropes. I wanna see him jump off the top rope. I wanna see him fucking. Let me see what you've got pursue. What you got. All right. Cool spot of the world urinate. So bad people this whole thing I could go. Fill be Bota right feed. It fill it. All right. Hey, ends appreciate you know the world. Check us out on YouTube sound cloud. I tunes bang.

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