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That's gonna be a mad house that is going to be mad. It's already last night was pretty chaotic as well. But you talk about Saint Patrick's Day where people get green shoes. Green beer and green everything else. Cats come out here in the second half. And they've turned up the intensity here in Cumberland has made some amazing place, but just Jennifer's giving going he'd had a nice little pull up jumps out. But the rebounding trae, Scott and defense has been specially in the second half, second half scores ten to one Cincinnati. So Wichita state does not have a shot from the floor yet over nine in the second half. The pair cats are four for eight including two or three from outside the ours. But the cats they locked in. If they continue to do what their scouting report tells them to do and rotate and be unselfish and make that ball move and play off of your player of the year. Jaren Cumberland, which your hands ready. This should be a double figure leave pretty soon, and it should be a twenty point victory. Closing his game out row. Jared's on the bench for now. With three fouls. He picked up his third. Slightly less than one minute ago. Cats will throw it inbounds against full court press by Wichita state. Trayvon Scott is the trigger man throws it in for Justin. Jennifer, Haynes Jones will defend all ninety four feet. No problem. For Jennifer is. He dribbles into the front court for Cincinnati Bearcats pass it around the perimeter came broom at the left point passes top of the key for Trayvon, Scott one right hand dribble. Fakes the hand off to Jennifer passes back towards center court and Keith Williams Williams with ten left on the shock and the cats up by six volumes driving on Dexter Dennis skids to a stop passes down low for DR, a baseline jumper. Good for mama. Do mama do baby. He's a great mid range shooter. He likes that gray area on the baseline. That's a great possession. You take all thirty seconds and get points when Jaren Cumberland's on the bench cats have opened up a forty one to thirty three lead by eight after trailing by three at halftime. Hanes Jones two steps outside the three point line holding the ball in front of his waist dribbles with the left hand toward the top of the key now Dexter Dennis for. Three. Off the rim. No good. Weak side. Rebound for Jemari is burden which state will fire another three Hanes Jones. Mrs Dexter, Dennis gets an offensive rebound. Had the ball ripped out of his hands by Keith Williams. Who dribbles into the frontcourt? Bearcats have the ball with a forty one to thirty three lead. Fourteen eleven left in regulation. Jennifer passes to Scott top of the key. Now Williams behind Trayvon fires at three off the back of the iron guard with a rebound in the outlet. The Hanes Jones. Change. Jones dribbles into the front court passes for Burton three point shot. It is good. And that is the first basket from the floor in the second half, Wichita state. They were over eleven putting over six from outside the arc before Burton connected missed assignment on the defensive scouting report. Forty one thirty six Cincinnati came broom has it passes for DR toes on the three point line hands. It backward for Keith Williams Williams to the wing Jennifer driving stops on the low block passes to Scott for a wide. Open three too, strong and rebounded by Burton straight. Tube dribbles into the front court for Wichita state Burton into the corner for Dexter. Dennis now mcduffie under the hoop permit guard ricocheted off his hands and goes out of bounds off, Wichita state. I was a good look to drew two defenders to the rim and into a dime. Right in the hands goes Ronald his hands out about fastballs to mid guard are probably not going to be caught most of the time. That's why. You always have to do a bounce pass two guys that are big like that. So they can have a chance to gather themselves which state is changing bears. God's bear Osborne. Mick guard comes out poor bear comes in. Isaiah poor bear Chandler native. American is six nine hundred sixty five pounds for Wichita state. Here's Kane broom wide open three nothing, but the bottom of the windshield wipers heat through it. The Justin Justin threw it. Back to him. The defense didn't rotate knock you down the bearcat leaders eight forty four to thirty six with twelve fifty three remaining in regulation pains Jones outside the foul line extended right up top four mcduffie shorter. Jennifer, defends mcduffie. Lost the ball swatted at right to Keith Williams hits a break away to hand plus for Keith William Fredericks went down and did a little blocking side to make sure nobody came around to play defensively verse ten point lead of the game for Cincinnati forty six thirty six and a time out called by. Gregg Marshall, we'll take a break, twelve minutes and thirty seconds to go. Cincinnati is outscored Wichita state in the second half seventeen to four and the cats lead at forty six thirty six with twelve thirty remaining from the broadcast cable Barakat hoops is.

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