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According to the Pro Com co-founder John's scaling. His company Pays Oklahoma Department corrections that Oklahoma minimum wage of Seven twenty-five hourly The Department of Parks and then pays incarcerated works who earn who Who Earn Up to twenty dollars. A month Scaling insists that some of the words are making that much every day to probably not just read the cleanest would did Donald Trump for my Bloomberg for the two thousand twenty election for all the mcbroom raises us Clint Eastwood would this. Donald Trump for my Bloomberg com guys have a series of course even following politics for a very long up. And I remember I mean. You're you're one of the shows that I think alongside a few other shows and listen to that really was talking. I was happening. Really sorta talked about Bloomberg and sort of the policy in the way in which he's doubled down on it and to spend refuse any. Any data told him that this was not only not productive but was abolished in people's civil rights If he didn't have stop and Frisk in his history. How do you think he lands his election at that just was not there I as a good question. Because it's not just a stop in first of obviously. There's also the thing. Indy as of the women and things like that. I think it's a little bit better for him though. Nothing I would vote for him. I want him to vote for him. I think he's also just terrible. I think here's the thing. I think that this idea. Here's why this election to me is so such garbage right. We've now gone gone to extremes right if you look at it this way like. Let's be frank here at this point looking at the numbers looking at the polling and looking at it when modern themselves monitor monitor doing the same thing that the moderate Republicans did in two thousand sixteen that got to the Donald trump being elected. Which is they were all so arrogant amounts and saying that they alone could do it that they're not gonNA realize Bernie Sanders are gonNA is going to win. Until LATE SO BERNIE. Sanders is going to win the nomination at this point not because he has like this overwhelming amount of support. But like look at it. He's getting consistent twenty five to twenty seven percent which is more than any other candidates and other ones are not gonNA realize it until it's too late in by that point he'll have the delegates right so we've got into the numbers just to write and unless I spent like Healy's caucus a little bit y. He caucuses with Democrats but he's not a democrat. Is Independent Right? Like that's just a fact. Be Bring us up and people get all upset. But he's he's not right so it'll be the second of election where the nominee is not from the party right so already. Doing that is even worse this year. Though because Bloomberg's in there and I've been in this thing that really worries me right. I see so many people were so freaked out about Bernie Sanders winning and things like that. I'm like at this point like I don't like the mother fucker. Will he be better than than trump absolutely so? Fuck it if we're if we're down to that and fucking we'll deal with it. Here's my worry. Though people make it seem like Bloomberg's just GonNa Stop Bloomberg's only got into this race because he doesn't want Donald Trump to win per se. He also doesn't want Bernie to win. He'll get inau he can get enough. I've been aware of positive. I know a billionaire who is so self absorbed that they think they can win can do enough to hurt a Democrat winning a nomination. Listen it's every he's the villain from every set of Haiti's we've seen a villain with unlimited resources you can just throw a button nameless faceless. Gould problem and that's what he's GonNa do. He's only money and resources at this problem and hope and hope to like where Bernie now. He's not going to drop out here today he was. He's he's on the debate season Nevada. But guess what he's not on the D'Amato Ballot I'm not even sure he on the first ballot he's on is South Carolina so he might need to be on the ballot all the state. He's not trying to win the Democratic nomination. He's trying to get his name out there so that win. Whoever the nominee is which I'm saying this point is probably just looking at the numbers. Prion Bernie Writing Hilden run as an independent so there will be three names on the ballot. Come big names on the ballot. Come November it'll be trump sanders and Bloomberg Bloomberg will take enough of the vote. Npr We're going like Whoa I that he'll take votes from trump to Bloomberg. Maybe that is. I feel. It'll be enough I. It's it's enough to make it like it's a very real possibility of trump winning again like I'm that's the thing that scares me. The most here and will happen is if you get trump Bloomberg and sanders in there. That means you have three names on about none of them from a really from any of the parties This is what you WANNA write. You want independence. They want enough third party. You're basically getting that. You'll you'll get this fall right because none of them are like at this point like I'm very interested in seeing what happens. Is the key at the Democrat Convention? Sanders gets the nomination. I'm like please not a democrat. He's made a point of not changing like even even when they bend over backwards. Or maybe it'll change at the DNC form. He still did not commit to being a Democrat in the party. So what do you do when you need? The Democrats win railing against the Democratic Establishment. Was like you need the democratic establishment due to. You need to podcast this week And I knew I was coming on here and I I do. We're GONNA talk about your Guy Big Bernie but the podcast is fascinating because they try to have a balanced conversation about politics. Mostly left leaning. But one of the guys definitely diehard like Bernie Guy and there were talking about the ways in which these potest. We're GONNA approach similar to what you were saying right at some point the numbers are the numbers are going to be what they're gonNA support and there's sort of rehashing the last debate and the guy was trying to make. Bernie sound like he was somehow above all of his right and his his his pocketfuls was like. Hey man everyone running wants power the all of them and they're all politicians like that everyone who's running on this ballot burns no different like he's just you can dress it apart. Wanting he's the same. He wants power he wants and he's willing to do what it takes to get there and even if it's divisive he's GonNa do it. But also at some point he pivoted from that context and say look. I understand his want to like sort of like chain system and make things different. How this also has a work is like but when you when you get into that office say he wins the nomination. He wanted presidency. You half to learn you have to operate effectively within that system when you first get in there and right now. He hasn't shown that he can do that. 'cause he's doesn't work well with anybody the go when you get in that office in order to change it you have to work well within it first and then start changing something. But that's the problem he's curve balls right and that's the problem rate the problem is and and that's what so. I'm not really worried what I always worry about is what we saw. What happened with a mom right because a bomb his whole thing was over within the system in do the people got so mad at him for them. So you should do to district through this. This'll burn comes and says I can do that. But he's never shown the ability to do that and my fear is what happens when what happened when it comes out that he can't when he when he does certain things like compromising on you know. Medicare for all when you start. I always an interesting. The first thing I'm interested me is that for Durham. Under under under President Bernie Sanders. Like honestly I actually think that at this point. I've gotten to the point where I I actually think bent burning winning someone that needs to happen because we need to kill this idea of. Oh well you just come in. And use that the reason why Obama's and says he didn't want to hurt him he didn't. He wasn't bold enough. He didn't do all the stuff. I'm like all right. It's time to kill that. Let's let's go in. Show people how this should actually works in. And I think that's one of my okay cool Bernie you said you know better you said you can do it like no one got me and I. I just put us on facebook. And there's one that job me crazy like I was looking at this and go if you want if you want the ideas at Bernie has you should be voting for more. He's worn actually has a plan to get them done. And what happens people get so caught up in labeling that like the thing that they I've seen people say oh I'm not a capitalist warranty capitalism as I'm like here's the thing burning doesn't mention doesn't integrate racial justice in Disabled Justin all these other things about margins communities in any of his plans he seems to think that it's just you know working people we all come together. All that's GonNa be okay and this and it's not like he doesn't know how to weave racial justice in any of these kinds of things into his policies in so when you do that whether it's democratic socialism or not. It's the same thing you're going to have the same injustices there and that's been bothering me. It's like you know just changing from capitalism socialism but not addressing the racial issues in between doesn't change anything for a Lotta people and some people think that it does and I'm like no it does not. You're still gonNA have a class and you're still going to the conversation about healthcare. Riley health care if they're spending less money the money automatically goes back into your pockets. I'm like that's not how that works. No company is going to be like. We said it's healthcare. I guess I'm GonNa give it to our employees in the whole another thing too is people pointed out like like burnings. Medicare for all plan. Ashley does hurt. People like Warren changed her plan. Because you realize that it would hurt people in Bernie's like out. Nope NOT GONNA DO. Because he doesn't have a plan for like listen. I'm not a Buddha jet. I'm not but like I watched that debate. And he actually has some pretty good. Hit on Bernie that just kind of people. Just kind of Enor- adding Bernie. How he pays for plant in Bernie just cup. He Bernie's really good at deflecting so he was asked about this. He would deflect the biggest affliction came though when. Chuck Todd and Hey Chuck Todd but chuck todd asked Bernie direct question about his his ban fracking and I wish I had to clip but basically asked him like. Hey you you said you're ban fracking as a fracking for natural gas. And we've all seen the videos if you have the people like in Pennsylvania who literally light their their water on fire because of fracking fracking's bed. It is not good. It's not good for the environment. Taika for people is a bad thing so he asks him. Hey you're banned from fracking. You're part of the problem though. Is You.

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