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A freeman is going to be one of the stars and superbowl fifty one coming up on sunday we believe but his contract right now is the star studded affair as we talked about conversations leading up to this game is is agents apparently going out saying that's out the five devonta freeman as going to need a new deal this is one of those kind of i'm putting all the chips in the middle of the table high risk i don't know what the lower the reward is high per se but it's immediate reward a kind of situations because this is what's being risked right now here we are leading up to this you i talked are ready that these teams want to put him off one of their players up this not create any unnecessary distractions the long ball not only does devonta freeman sort of break protocol with it is do it it out of trying to get himself i don't positioning of sub is the right word but just gives up in the conversation with the organization about getting him a new deal here's the problem with that that comes across from an organization as the organizational perspective so selfish that actually that if i was on the organization aside it would make me want offer him us and they have more leverage that he does and there's two reasons why number one is devin coleman yeah it was we seen already that just as good as he is in many respects a number two running backs or dumb it doesn't it shanahan or anybody in the front office dimitroff's as good as anybody is with it he would have his team is position if it wasn't that why look at the history of zone blocking runners throw they've is what it would brown he drafted six or as i like that a guy but.

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