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The dumbarton auto bridge between menlo park in fremont the fire twenty years ago was on the old thumb burton rail bridge roughly parallel to it it was built in nineteen tan this bridge was the first bridge across the bay herald schapelhouman is the chief of the menlo park fire department and back in 1998 he was on duty when the rail bridge caught fire both the part on land and the part over the bay the bridge hadn't been used in years it was hard for a fire truck to get out on the spongy coastline crews laid hose across the marsh and called for a fire both to help but by the time it got their ricard went out on it so the boat was right boats showa waterboarded from across the mud but that doesn't help you with something's burning and you can't get that third of the mile out in the water then the tide came back in well the old railroad ties were still burning so they floated out into the bay like faking funeral schapelhouman says it took almost a day to get the fire out no cause was ever determined but like a phoenix the bridge could spring from the ashes if proposals for a new transit crossing at the site come to pass herald chapel home hohmann isn't worried about that he says a new dumbarton rail bridge would be made of steel i'm nina thorson kqed in his later today at kqed dot org will have photos from that 1998 bridge fire i'm brian watt coming up in a few minutes we will have headlines from npr will also have a perspective then support.

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