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Payment in rubles Moscow has demanded clients from what it deems unfriendly countries which includes EU member states pay for any gas that comes from Russia in Russian currency It's a way to sidestep financial sanctions against Russia's Central Bank over Moscow's war in Ukraine Russia had previously cut off gas supplies to Poland Bulgaria and Finland The Netherlands relies on Russia for around 15% of its gas lower than the EU average of 40% Rob schmitz and Pyrenees Berlin Russia's military is slowly gaining ground in its offensive in eastern Ukraine and pierce Ryan Lucas reports that includes its assault on the key city of severo Donetsk In the Luhansk region still in Ukrainian hands But Ukraine's grip on the city appears to be slipping After weeks of shelling and rocket fire Ukrainian officials say Russian forces have now entered the city and that there is fighting in the streets If Russia were to take several Donetsk it would give the Kremlin in essence full control of the Luhansk region one of Moscow's objectives Luhansk along with the region of Donetsk make up the bigger area known as the Donbass and it is in the Donbass that the heaviest fighting of Ukraine's war with Russia is now taking place Ryan Lucas NPR news the Donbass in eastern Ukraine Wall Street lower by the closing bell the Dow down 222 points that's down 6 tenths of a percent ending at 32,990 the NASDAQ down 49 points at 12,081 S&P 500 down 26 points at 41 32 You're listening to NPR news from WAB news in Atlanta I'm Emile moff at its four 32 Coastal Georgia's islands beaches and marshes are ideal habitat for all sorts of migrating birds and that means they're also pretty good for monitoring those birds Emily Jones went along with some scientists tracking whimbrels on a recent very windy evening.

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