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But I I think it'd be fair to say as a rule of Thomas, it's not that big of a deal, you you give him a couple of days, and you're off and running again, I think as as was the case in the immediate after. Matt of this this whole situation. The merging their husband. I'm a bit of kind of sensational. Overreaction there on the social media about heavy. I think in practice. This isn't something. That's that's banning people should should worry too much about in terms of it influencing their anti post betting decisions. I think this are thing goes on our is all the time. And you don't hear about us. And you're probably better off not hearing about it. Because it's probably not factor in the vast majority of cases, so under under those of other issues this time of the year between nine children festival were founded horses. We'll have missed two three or four days at work for other reasons, bruises just a an unrelated woman. News little bits and pieces that caused that to happen on if he didn't he knew minded through your betting into disarray. And if you sold the number forces who won reason, the invest will having had minor setbacks in the in the days and weeks before the meeting you be Ghosn. With my known of a great one winner at the gentleman festival who everyone seemed to know burst blood vessel working on the day before the still turned up and one behalf the track. Yeah. Unless you're. We had a Grand National winner a few years ago that money when he put him on the box in Ireland to head over Daintree. He was his name's adulterer, and they send him over in the hope that it'd be half. Okay. When he got there. He was half. Okay. He was better. He was. Okay. Tomorrow and race they random anyone. You know, I said this before and I don't mean to sound like, oh, you shouldn't tell people anyone. Because of course, I, you know, anyone that has this to me over the years when noted in very much in favor of, you know, declaration of window ups and all that type of stuff we were very much in favor of Hong Kong style rules that we'd get watching. The put an end of relevant information in auditing. We we shouldn't fall into the trap of thinking that we should know ever goes on horses because like Rory says, and you know, I I've been fortunate enough to work very closely with a number of trainers. If you knew everything that went down with every horse. You would never have a bass, you he wouldn't you would never have a bet there so many small things Guan resources that this are negatives. What they overcome. You know, jeeze I think one one high profile Irish trainer he worked with the motor higher-profile, a high-profile trade very high profile traitor in England when he was younger, and I always find quite a phony story. He said that the the best piece of advice that trainer ever gave him was to come up short to pay close attention that even say because this particular trainer would have had a habit of having everything trotted up and every evening, and he says just just look and see how many sound horses. They're out there. You know? Most of them. They're not right. They're not one hundred percent just like any if you will if he walked into any trae in the room, and then he primarily football team was for example, that'd be plenty of clouds that that look at stiffen sewer and pottery and they're not one hundred percent, right. But when you send them into the competitive environment dick instead of show a best of their ability. So it's just it's kind of slightly off pulling my the point of bringing up the example, as you might think you want to know that horses had the flu six weeks before it's rolling. You might think you you want to know that horses had it's not knows two weeks before it's running, but you're probably better off. And I'm not saying not in a in. Oh, Shabaab opponent knows to do with that information on away. It's just it's not relevant..

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