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In that clip from female criminals Gertrude Vanish Hausky. Her children and children from the neighborhood repeatedly tortured. Sylvia Likens finally on October Twenty Sixth Nineteen Sixty Five. Sylvia died from her injuries gertrude. Her Children Paula and John and neighborhood. Children Richard Hobbs and Coy Hubbard. Were all tried for participating in Sylvia's murder Gertrude. And Paul about a shift ski were sentenced to life imprisonment. And Richard. Hobbs Klay Hubbard and John Vanish at Ski Junior. Each received sentences of two twenty one years to this day. There is debate over the motives of the children. Who Tortured Silvio? Perhaps they participated due to mob psychology. Perhaps they enjoyed the torment inflicted. Or perhaps they were so afraid of Gertrude. They wished to avoid Herath of course while their motivations were complex and unknown sometimes torture as motives are all too clear. What happens when someone tortures their victim for the thrill alone coming up the horrifying torture tactics of the toolbox killer David Parker Ray. Podcast has an incredible new series aimed. Brighten your days end? Renew your outlook on life. It's called daily quote and it's a quick two to three minute daily podcast for you to get inspired by through the hustle and bustle and stresses of life. Finding the path positively has never been more crucial and the more fulfilled. Feel the more grounded you become. Every day on daily quote you'll be given a quote meant to motivate and Uplift. You'll also dive deeper into the context surrounding the quote learning more about its origin and the meaning behind it. There have already been so many great quotes feature that. It's hard to choose my favorite but for me the quote quota probably sticks out the most is from beloved TV legend. Fred Rogers. It really was a special episode. So whether you're jumpstarting the morning searching for that midday pick me up or trying to finish the evening off strong daily quote offer. Some of history's most inspirational quotes. Need them three hundred and sixty five days a year? Follow daily quote free on spotify. Or wherever you get your podcasts. Now back to the show. Murder is a horrific crime when it's accompanied by torture it becomes especially heinous in fact. Tortures murders are so brutal. United States law includes torture as something that makes a criminal eligible for the death penalty. Our NEXT CLIP from serial killers highlights killer. Who MADE TORTURE A game? David Parker Ray created a soundproof trailer which he called his toy box complete with a collection of pulleys saws and surgical blades. He used to torture his dozens.

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