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We're staying in this five or six bedroom home on the other side of the airport it's very ford able she's got lots of people say all the time for different reasons work reasons transitional reasons and and we actually have the upstairs and which is actually i like it because it's out of the way there's an outdoor sort of area i believe on these we refer to this as what is that term oh yeah halfway house okay the little dramatic and not quite it's much better than okay that's not nice let's be nice because what happens if christie ever listens soak chrissy i love you i am kidding you you know that it's funny this episode sponsored by monster much being be mantra all and jack fire way we did we have another sponsor in there somewhere that that who is the other sponsor way back in the beginning it was who the hell sponsored our show we talk who's the shave club oh yeah well we made our own shave club ad that was really good even though right right after they got bought out we're ready for them to come back come crawling they need us god desperately what did you do that strict and you say took a picture of yourself in airbnb what'd you put it it's saying sending i don't know what's hanging on takes a long time you have a it's a very fine but it's been working fine connection i turn off the life maybe that's the problem you're wifi connection here is great don't turn off wifi my phone maybe that's what's hanging up try sending sorry go ahead please continue to the airbnb is is well it's comfortable for me because it's my friend's home and i've been here before so i kinda know my way around and i've never stayed here before but i like that i'm able to help her out and she's able to be of service and it's comfortable enough right now and and that's good yeah and yeah did you notice that nobody in la has air conditioning strickland they don't have that house right my didn't notice we here at the beach where still considered the beach if you're living a mile to two or three miles from the beach you don't have conditioning but people in la do ever conditioning and some people who live closer to be too but majority is we don't because of the breezes and the air and the lack of humidity here you don't need it and it's really expensive never rains in southern california this is real so it is a real i wanna hit wonder who that is bobby some now you look to shit up i don't know that one i know a lot of one hit wanders okay that's called it never rains in southern california district of you happen to notice the hammond albert hammond ever happened to notice the price for gasoline in this town i had paid no attention what gassing years that's true is it expensive here.

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