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See like tat edward nancy apple robert skiing are it was developed in russia on during why die by neurologist alexander resentful back in the seventies and bring terrorists flake that's when it finally was released to the rest of the world it's been in the united states maybe about twenty years now but what i find i'd love to know more they're obviously are some comparisons i worked on a fellow who had been in wheelchair four and a half years suffered with multiple sclerosis for eleven years and he had a back a hard backwards see for a spine scoliosis was from birth and just the spine alone corrected we started working on him wrench a week because he couldn't come twice we've started on him i wanna say it was an industry said ury early march and by december his spine completely straight and get your pictures of this and he took his very first step we again same tiny here we started him february march and he took his very first steps it was like end of july early august and he's still walking today i i haven't worked on him in several years in fact i was just on the phone with him about about a week ago and yeah this technology the skiing our technology is phenomenal it has fda approval for pain management and muscle reeducation however it does ever so much more than there you can't push that how about the osteopath for something like that tom would that work well the premier junior is one that i was talking about in terms of elliot being able to walk after four months of treatment with the high voltage forty thousand volts texaco device bioenergy device dot org website and we also have an eight hundred number two nine five seven six seven four we take your texts tweets.

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