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In the next day or show that is by tomorrow afternoon, we should be looking at it having diminished substantially, but then there is another event over the weekend, and that will likely be not quite as bad in the fire area. But we'll be bad in the San Bernardino mountains, I'm kind of concerned about outbreaks, you know, or possible fire outbreaks in those areas as well Mark, thanks for that report. We appreciate it. Okay. Guys. You Mark Thompson. Of course, you can hear them on KFI Tuesdays with Mark. And of course, Tim Conway and just to give us an update on the Santa Ana wind situation as regards particularly fire near Newbury park. If you have looked at pictures of the shooter from last night's Thousand Oaks Sabar, the borderline barring grill and his name is, Ian, David long, the one you need to look at. And I showed it to John before the show. Tells you really all you need to know about a troubled looking person a lot of the photos that have been circulated look like they're from his time in the military clean cut smiling. Take a look at his driver's license. If you haven't seen it. It's the dead. I serial killer. Look he moves his head just a little bit up his chin. He's got a little beard and mustache, but his eyes are. Yeah. It's a killer. Look it really is. I don't know how old that photo is. I mean, he's twenty eight scruffy looking. It's more current. I think than the other photos we've seen of like if you saw those is if you're walking down the street, you'd cross the street that kind of look now, it's it's it's it's fascinating. How the is can convey that kind of just just uncomfortable feeling now he was in the marines. He served between two thousand eight and twenty thirteen is a machine gunner, and he was stationed in Afghanistan from twenty ten to twenty eleven he did get some military honors. He left the enrolled at Cal State Northridge in two thousand thirteen studied athletic. Training, but apparently gave up on it. We're learning, of course, that PTSD could factor here. But you look back at some of the other stories of people knew him in high school apparently family moved from Orange County up two Thousand Oaks when he was a teen and he went to the local school Newbury park and played baseball. But they said he was really a loner and weird weird, quiet. Sad. People could not get them to talk. Now, we actually got married in two thousand nine but filed for divorce divorce jointly with his wife and may of twenty. He was a bad seed going into the military, and maybe the traumas of serving right? It sounds like he comes back and can't find his way sounds like had job doing some killing or he would have been under fire or both like he was it sounds like he's in the heat of the battle. Because when you start racking up all the combinations. He did. It means you're really an action. You were doing something serious now, and maybe that piled on top of sometimes people join the military because they think it's an answer to their life. He'll give them a purpose and will give him some some value. And then you get into real war. And that just aggravates your already fragile mental situation. Report I read is at his father may have passed away twenty years ago. He's raised by his mother is a single mother, and she was apparently terrified as behavior the last couple of years, including of course, that April police call where he was apparently acting up neighbors say he would just be violence as start kicking walls and screaming and yelling. And who knows what kind of demons? He had running around inside his head. And obviously, nobody could reach him. When we come back. We're going to talk to a man by the name of Jason Kaufman. His son, Cody was the first pretty much the first well, besides the Ventura County sheriff's sergeant heels it was one of the first identified victims of the eleven people that were shot who were patrons last night of the portal on barring grow. Johnny Ken show. KFI Jabber Mark has a fire near Thousand Oaks quickly grown to about fifteen thousand acres with the health of those Santa Ana winds NBC's Conan Nolan told John and Ken earlier. There's only so much firefighters can do until the winds dig- while there's never a good time for a fire like this. This is about the worst possible time for. City of thousand of when a one has been closed in the area angel will have more on the closure coming up in her traffic report in just a few. The news is brought to you by RV expo. The FBI has joined investigators in Ventura County trying to figure out why marine veteran shot and killed twelve people and himself at a bar in dance club in Thousand Oaks, some people have the place last night say the man toss smoke bonds, then started shooting assistant FBI director, Paul della. Corte says they don't know what the motive was at this time. The evidence response team.

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