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Let's see if anybody responded because I basically said, hey, ask us anything just to see if anybody wanted to reach out and. Interact with Johnny moped and myself on today's episode. Let's see what we got here. Heart, we got one. That's a start. We'll take a look here. This is from Turner. He says, I have a nineteen seventy. Plymouth Sport Fury Three, eighty three. My car has a curved in back window but I have seen the same year with a bubble style back windows. Well, my question is was that an option of some sort or maybe just a difference between late year versus early, and if so which is which that's a good question I'm trying to think in my head. So that would just. With two versions of fury's was there a fast bat in regular I might have been I think because he said it was a sport for fury, right? Yeah. So maybe there's a difference between the sport fury and just a standard. Very. There there is a rare version and they did it in seventy and they did it in seventy one and it's He said his was a three eighty, three car. Our Canary Three, eighty, three, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy. Back Window. Man. I would have to I have a buddy Steve Last. Night S Value E is a C. body nut. Yeah, this guy knows everything about see bodies I'd have to get back to them on it. I don't know off the top of my head, but it wouldn't surprise me because like we just talked about the ranch chargers earlier you know all these weird little things that Chrysler did that You may not even know existed you know unless you have on. Yeah because nineteen seventy was the first year the rapid transit system. And Gosh, I'm trying to. Trying to go through all the stuff in my head because I did a lot of research about the sport fury for that episode I just didn't dive as deep as I wanted to because I didn't have the time. Yeah. But I know that there's the sent a picture of it by chance he didn't send a picture I'm picturing. The rapid tr, the the I'm picturing sport fury GT in my head. That's you know that's what I'm thinking of that one. And went all the way round down the sides of the car. Yeah. Let me I'm just gonNa Google it really quick I just WanNa see pictures of this thing. Nineteen seventy..

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