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Com's Mike Florio Mike the first game of our NFL double header today Kansas city at Tennessee the Chargers had beaten the raiders Thursday night you think Patrick my home to be playing today yeah I think he's going to play in this one regardless of what would happen Thursday night in the raiders actually you know or they're in it the charges are hanging around she should thinking less about those teams and more about the raven and the patriots they need to catch them they couldn't afford to pick up a fork lost today and bottom line is Holmes was always gonna play when he was healthy it's right in the middle of that three to six week window he's ready to go he's good to go and now we get the income back she started on the gas pedal yeah how do you read the cheese first half of the season have lost three straight at home but a perfect for now on the road but it's it's not been as good as we thought it was going to be and they lost two of those games at home with actor from home so they haven't been the dominant force the defense though his quietly gotten better since those home losses to the cold and the Texans and I think the defense of improvements and also the diversification the offense while the homes was injured those things will come together and benefit the chiefs now the homes is back you don't want to say it's never good to lose your franchise quarterback but the think they had to do while he was out if they can keep doing those things with him back in the team is going to be better and it will be a position to make a run at a five or even the number one seed in the AFC playoff you remember they hold the tiebreaker with the ravens so they just have to close a game with them and they couldn't get the tiebreaker against the patriots because they play them coming up in December in Foxboro also huge game for Tennessee there four and five how do you see what their ceiling could be this year well you have a problem is it thank you get in their own way every time you think they're done they string a couple of wins together and then they lose a game in town of uninspiring try ash and it made the change to ride canning other quarterback a few weeks back and he really hasn't done all that much that the Titans just need to focus on who the quarterback is going to be there a value waiting in a right now they've essentially made the decision Marcus Mario is not the answer who their quarterback is going to be next year is going to go a long way toward determining where not this team can turn it around for now if they can just tread water around five hundred so be it maybe they get hot December string of victories together and get the wildcard chase but I I don't expect this team to be a great team until the dress the quarterback position how concerning is Matthew Stafford's back injury in Detroit a broken bones in the back doesn't sound very good to me no that is not very good at all and not a whole lot of specifics available it's nothing structural as best I can tell it's not something that is causing any sort of with a spinal cord injury and we hear about players getting injuries to the transverse process bones it is little side phone take out from the the the the vertebrae and it's a very painful condition but it's not a serious condition and it sounds like that's what the situation is the doctors of intervening that you are not playing it's a week to week situation Jeff Driskell steps any started five games last year for the bangles many don't was injured and the lines try to become the latest team to beat the bears but can be harder to do that without your franchise quarterback available about cam Newton situation on I. R. is he done in Carolina have Kyle Alan Dixon won against the spread as a starter can't ask for much more than that well right but the question is number one getting can't get healthy and then when he is healthy a healthy and almost like what colts fans went through that endless angst with their quarterback and worry can he play Willie play went to get get injured again Pakistan's deal with the same thing this one year left on the contract after twenty nineteen at the nineteen point one billion dollar payout which has veteran starting quarterbacks go is a bargain well the Panthers do without last year the deal we keep him around or will they dangled that deal because it is attractive to a team that would be needing a quarterback I think there's plenty teams out there that would look at Camden if he's healthy and say absolutely he's better than what other options we have we talked about the time the only time we talk about the charges are yeah the charges are teen needs star power and cam Newton would bring star power to the other LA France shot your other favorite subject Antonio brown approve fade tweet and then he's back in the play again what the heck is going on well I turn around gets frustrated from time to time any earlier than that anyone who can tell him number one don't tweet those things with F. words directed at the NFL and number to delete them as soon as you treat them but at at one level right a lot of people look at Antonio brown and say he's his own worst enemy he gets what he deserves at a deeper level about these kind of caught in the gears of a procedure that is unfair has applied to a player who is essentially suspended without pay because no one will sign him until the NFL announces what they're going to do with him so he's just hanging out there and the longer the NFL takes a longer this unpaid suspension as a practical matter continues he's going to meet with the league in South Florida on Thursday it would be part of the investigation I don't think a decision is gonna come immediately after that we gonna kick this can where they're doing it on purpose or not as a practical matter with the NFL in house just this the it will look into these civil allegations of sexual assault it's going to take time and he's going to continue to be the football he's going to continue get frustrated Mickey for him on Thursday when he gets what we get better it can't let that frustration come out he's got to be the best possible with this you can be whoever prepares him for Thursday has their work cut out for them because it can be very difficult to get into brown to just focus on telling the truth telling your story and not getting upset because you feel like you get my great stuff is always appreciate.

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