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With that. And I got with Bill. gave me basically the creative control to design a shoe for our company. I went with this color way. I was trying to think of something to do to. Was You know it loud and stood out some and then I kind of wanted to do camouflage shoot. You know what I mean. So being that I wanted to do that. Axel go with the different shades of green and I had to read, and they're just to give something to pop. Got The black this'll there. Who the! On the back. You know what I mean. Always always been a gum sold fan, so I had to do the gum ozone on there. You know I thought that was real. Don't but yeah. She came my real good man. We do real well with them. They sold out and I decided I was like we were back to release them a little bit earlier around Christmas time, and then I defeated I. I was like not of would be better if we drop them in February for black history month, not in originally come out as like, say a black history. Shoot this pretty much what we do it. All the time is no around like you see us. We in this at all times, you know it ain't no like just some time thing. But knowledge to dropping black history month in February. We did that I. mean instantly they were gone like you know. We had a lot of requests to bring them back out, but you know I noticed you gave jaw quote, unquote sneaker ahead, man. You gotta get that when they dropped. What you? Might have to try stock X. or something, did you? GonNa your relationship with David Banner. And how did you move up the ring so fast? Honestly I mean. I never pressed to have no like most people come in. People come in, and you know they always want to. You know they pitch trying to sell some I. Mean I'm just always myself going to see everything I talk about. That's how I live my life like I. don't say stuff it try to put on it. So the more we were around each other. We saying where he's from Jackson is very similar to Youngstown. We just had a lot of stuff in common to begin with. Personal relationship started and then when it came to the work. Ahead of my shit, like all our dropped in the fumbling like I ain't. Nobody got time for that so I handle his stuff. The way I handle my own I. Look at his money is if it was my own, I mean. I'm GONNA make sure. That's our role like there's just me. That's how I was raised. I was brought up like you know I. Understand like the team trying to you know. Either quarterback and I'm GONNA do whatever needs to be done to make sure quarterback shine. You know what I mean so whatever you do I got him I know he gonNA. Take me we wayne. It's pretty simple. I mean we're far moving quick. It would just work ethic. I mean like the accident. Do some made sure I got it done if he needed some done. No matter what the time was sure I gotTA handle. The only way you really can't move weapon anything. If he was on the football team basketball team, you want the first thing you do is go in there and play hard defense. You Work Hard I. Did you get a chance to show with talent? You actually got, but it start with hard work I. You show the talent that you get sick when you come in. And then once I got in I was able to show another things I can bring to the table..

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