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Bloomberg one O 6 one this inferences go Bloomberg 9 60 to the country SiriusXM channel one 19 and around the globe the Bloomberg business app and Bloomberg radio dot com This is Bloomberg markets All right coming up we're gonna talk fixed income Inflation defends stagflation we need to get to the bottom of this and we talk to the good folks at TC W Steve Kane will join us there He's a p.m. Plus Tara J Frank's gonna talk to us about the Bloomberg 2022 gender equality index will dig into that coming up in this half hour as well but first it's good for Derek And the equities are down Paul amid rising tensions with rush after Ukraine indicated several government of bank websites have been a subject of a cyberattack How big is the effect As fees down a half a percent down 20 downs down a quarter of a percent down 86 And the NASDAQ's down 8 tenths of a percent down a 108 to ten years down 8 30 seconds the yield is 1.96% West Texas intermediate crude's office earlier highs now up about 6 cents of a percent at 92 52 a barrel Comic scolds up a tenth of a percent in 1909 60 an ounce The dollar yen one 1507 The Euro dollar 1357 the British pound the dollar 35 57 Tell me when you walked into your Starbucks to get your extra vanilla no fat latte with soy Did you hear your barista singing You can't scare me I'm sticking to the union I'm sticking to the union till the day I die a Woody Guthrie song The U.S. labor board has rejected a bid by Starbucks to block the counting of unionization ballots in Arizona The decision could pave the way for an expanded labor foothold for the coffee chain depending on the outcome of those votes Who sings Woody Guthrie anymore That's a Bloomberg business flash Bloomberg markets continues now with I started to say Woody Guthrie but it's actually Paul Sweeney.

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