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The sound of my voice New Year's Day on CNN tonight President President Trump's border chief promising trump is close to delivering his promised wall and while many Latino voters opposed trump's wall of course one supporter. No Paso thinks he can help win over over those same voters out front are you a member borders panics yet ray Baca has his work cut out for him as the chair. Chair of the Border Hispanics for trump living in the democratic stronghold of El Paso. His goal is to get Latinos to help reelect the president. But the odds are against him on with mortar Hispanics for trump. Are you have you heard of us. As the sixty five year old sees it. There are countless Latinos who support the president but are afraid to admit it. He hopes to convince them that their values are or more in line with the GOP. And with trump I look at president trump as one who most closely represents my values people will hear that and say values values values is the president. Has When you say that. What do you mean? I'm being supporting things that I support being against. Abortion being for limited government involvement being for border security indeed support for trump in Texas among Latinos has remained steady at thirty percent according to a recent CNN. Poll the unwavering unwavering support comes in the face of criticism over the president's rhetoric on the Latino community which is critics at best see as offensive and at worst racist when Mexico it goes sends its people. They're not sending their best. How can you still support somebody who they see as saying racist things against the Latino community? I disagree I I. I really don't think he's said things that are racist in August twenty. Two people were killed in a racist attack targeting Latinos El Paso Walmart Bacha says anyone who blames trump because of his rhetoric and border policies is trying to make political hay of the shooting. I just don't think you can hold a president or president trump in particular responsible responsible for the actions of a Single Madman Bach agrees with the president on most things but not everything mainly though he supports the idea of a wall. He questions the practicality of building one across the entire US Mexico border a signature issue for trump and his base. But I see him with his fault I see him warts and all. I don't WanNA spend two hundred billion dollars on wall if you can do it for fifty million and solve the problem. I'm Rebecca. We're good to see you good to see you tonight. bacchus pitch for trump comes at an impromptu gathering of conservatives but even in a friendly crowd it can be a hard sell. Thank you bye-bye can't what all but there are already some unlikely voters he doesn't have to win over the president trump president originally from Mexico twenty nine year old block of basically became a US citizen just five years ago she plans on voting for trump trump again in two thousand twenty. I massive but why you know like I feel like someone's GonNa throw eggs. I'm your I'm going to be shunned from the Hispanic community. Can you know shunned by some. Perhaps but that's what Ray Baca and trump are counting on. We need to get our Hispanic brethren to whip voting Democrats Democrats simply because that's what they've always voted Dick Lynch CNN Texas. Thanks so much nick and thank you so much for joining us tonight. A C three sixty starts now. Are you interested in learning how enterprise scale companies drive organic traffic to increase their online visibility than download the voices of search podcast from the heart of Silicon Valley here search metrics. CEO Jordan Kuni. Does he delivers actionable. Insights Dowdy was data to navigate. Get the ever. Changing landscape of Google Apple Amazon the voices of search podcast arms search engine marketers and business analysts with the latest news and insights. They they need to navigate the ever changing landscape of search engine optimization and content. Are you ready to learn to use search data defined strategic insights about your competition petition and your industry as a whole and search for voices of search wherever you download podcasts. That's three simple words voices of search to learn the secrets of search engine and content marketing..

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