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First Bater Ginsberg will join justices for a memorial service this morning. Following that, Ginsberg's casket will be moved to lie in repose under the portico with the top of the front steps of the Supreme Court building. That will allow for a public viewing outdoors and socially distanced like justice will lie in repose. Today and tomorrow Friday, she will become the first woman to ever lie in state at the U. S. Capitol. Private internment service's scheduled next week at Arlington National Cemetery. Meantime, President Trump remains focused on naming a Supreme Court nominee to replace Ginsberg. President Trump Rally in Pennsylvania, actually thanked his longtime GOP nemesis, Mitt Romney. You're siding with him and backing a pre election vote on his soon to be announced Supreme Court nominee By backing a vote, Romney becomes the latest and perhaps most consequential GOP domino to fall all but assuring the president's pick will not only receive an upper deck. Votes, but very likely a confirmation. Still, Senate Democrats are fighting back limiting, for example, the GOP's ability to hold committee hearings on Capitol Hill in retaliation for Republicans trying to fill the high court vacancy in an election year. While the president has said as many as five candidates are under consideration, sources tell Fox News. It's really a three person race. But Judge Amy Cockney Barrett of the seventh Circuit Court of Appeals favored The cenotaph is not going anywhere. The Texas Historical Commission voted last night to deny the city a permit to move the monument out of the Alamo courtyard to a new location of 500 ft to the south. The proposed move was part of the $400 Million Alamo Master Plan, which calls for repairs to the Alamo and the long barracks and the addition of a visitor center in museum. Moving the 1936 in a tap was an unpopular proposal, mainly among Texas Republicans. A man is dead after an officer involved shooting on the city's West side. Last night. Officers were responding to a burglary when they heard a gunshot come from the Westway apartments on Cool labor rode a woman and five kids fled from the apartment until police an armed man was inside. Police chief William McManus says he still needs to watch body cam footage to fully understand what happened after that..

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