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Air on Alexa or on the WTO app At 9 28 It's traffic and weather on the 8s back over to Jack and the traffic center Still might have that activity up in Montgomery county in Germantown the original issue was the wreck northbound two 70 near middlebrook road along the left side of the roadway but the rubber necking or at least the delay is southbound beginning as you approach father Hurley boulevard once passing one 18 That's when it begins to improve That's the only southbound delay from Frederick headed to Bethesda Beltway itself now looks good Both loops between Bethesda and oxen hill inner and outer loop no troubles late between the beltways on 95 at the VW Parkway There we go 50 out of the bay bridge You got the work set up on the eastbound span today right lane is going to be blocked to the left lane will get you by but there's also a two way operation on the westbound span So you'll maintain two lanes east ten two lanes west follows overhead lane control signals Now you'll find the beltway in Virginia last gasp a heavy traffic Braddock road on the inner loop up toward two 36 little heavier 66 going westbound passing one 23 headed out toward 50 unclear if that's work or maybe a wreck eastbound had been heavy just trying to get into Centreville You will find you're in good shape the rest of the ride headed into roslyn Also a little improvement We're still slow getting on to the Roosevelt bridge but at least the GW Parkway south that slowed at one point back toward the overlooks That delayed now as you approach the exit to go inbound on the Roosevelt bridge Now you will find you're in good shape otherwise top end three 95 still a little bit slow to cross the 14th street bridge get in there not too bad There was a little heavy traffic in the main line duke headed toward seminary but again traveling there are reported open Jack Taylor WTO traffic chuck bell's got the forecast Good morning milder air is moving in It's coming in with an awful lot of cloud cover and it's also coming in with an increasing chance for.

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