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On TBS is the guardians take a two to one series lead on the Yankees on the Oscar Gonzalez walk off. The capitals picked up their first one of the season behind three second period goals in a three one win over Montreal in college football, Maryland defeated Indiana 38 33 to improve to 5 and two on the season and in other news the NBA announced that former NBA and Georgetown star to kembe mutombo is undergoing treatment for a brain tumor, the 56 year old is in Atlanta and said to be in great spirits. I'm Brian Albin WTO sports. The top stories were following for you here at WTO, the campaigning continues nationwide with the November midterms approaching, and on Tuesday, President Biden plans to head to the Shaw neighborhood to talk about abortion rights at a Democratic National Committee event being held at the Howard theater. Police in Harrisonburg, Virginia say 8 people were shot early this morning during a gathering outside an apartment there, all 8 victims expected to survive, but no arrests had been made yet. And two gunmen opened fire at a Russian military shooting range, killing 11 Russian soldiers and injuring 15 others. That happened at an installation near Russia's border with UK. Ukraine, stay with us for more on these stories coming up. In other news this morning, the Maryland Department of Transportation is expected to give $1.4 million in funding for road improvement projects aimed at unclogging sections of three high traffic state highways and Anna rental county. One of those projects adds a lane to Richie highway and Arnold running between route 50 and Arnold road. Another would widen the always clogged route three from watch Apple road up to route one 75 in the game rose area that would bring that stretchy road from two lanes to three, funding should be distributed next year. WTO be news time, it's 8 18 traffic and weather on the 8s and Rita kesslers in the WTO be traffic center. Thanks, John, not a whole lot going on in the area right now, so if you're going somewhere, where you should get there on time, the inner and outer loop of the beltway running well, no reports of any crashes anymore, no major delays. If you're on two 70, that's a good trip northbound coming from the beltway headed all the way into Frederick, whether you're heading on to I 70, or continuing on to 15. 95 in the Baltimore Washington Parkway, looking good between the beltways. Now, southbound on 95 near 32, there have been reports of a work crew along the right side to keep an eye out for that, but right now not causing any delay. Getting across the bay bridge looks good, too lazy, found three lanes westbound, no delay getting there. 50 and the BW Parkway both at speed inside the beltway trying to head toward New York avenue, which is at speed all the way to the third street tunnel or continuing on to D.C. two 95, no worries to the 11th street bridge, I two 95 also looks good, making your way from the beltway to the 11th street bridge, and no problems along the suitland Parkway between the beltway. And the Douglas bridge, the earlier wreck in Laurel on one 97 near Brock bridge road should be cleared on the Thomas Johnson bridge along route four, watch for a work crew that's supposed to be in place till 2 o'clock this afternoon, if they are there, traffic is going to be alternating across the bridge, but right now a little to no delay. And in the district, the Turkish festival going on today has street closures in place, including constitution avenue between third and 7th and Pennsylvania avenue between third and 7th in northwest. For over 35 years in the DMV Greenberg and betterman has helped tens of thousands of clients have been heard in auto accidents are victims of medical malpractice. Visit GB lawyers dot com and feel better. I'm Rita Kessler, WTO traffic. Storm team four meteorologist clay Anderson on tap is a very nice day, isn't it? John, we're enjoying some bright sunshine for the morning, but clouds will increase in the afternoons everyone enjoy the sunshine. Temperatures will rise

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