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But I mean BP I'm looking over at all this stuff that I get I get this literature that sent to me from Angela. She takes care of me, but PSB attorneys Brian Panish role rather pootie who's wanted a young and up and coming stars in the legal field and. Lisa roberts. You guys appointed lead leadership council there in the southern California fire cases as far as litigation over fifteen with over fifteen hundred plaintiffs filing lawsuits over the Southern California Edison as a result of the two thousand seventeen Thomas fire and subsequent debris flows in the montecito, California area. I mean, that's one thing that I'm looking at all this other stuff consumer attorneys of California attorney of the year award yourself, Brian Panish role Rava pootie and Robert Glassman have been named as finalists for the consumer attorneys of California attorney of the year award for their work on the levers, his pupil transportation cooperative. And boy, it doesn't stop BP. And of course, for folks that don't know Saint John Bosco you'll hear Brian and I talk about the football program because it is a proud program. I know you. That I got twenty eight twenty four I'm going to go over the game with you. Now BP it's like I want to get some accolades out there for Panish shae boil because we always jump into stuff and people have to understand what a prestigious firm, this is it's right there Santa Monica boulevard in Los Angeles. But you have a cracker Jack staff, and you're always the modest guy. The kind of you know, just talks about everybody else. But you're the senior partner tell us a little bit about because a lot of people that listen to sports X radio, you know, against seven twenty on the AM side goes up and down the west coast the FM side one two one five pretty good signal as well. But a lot of people that need tune in and hear the show have no clue about PSB life. They've just tuned in and listen to us talk about some of the legal aspects of pop up in the sports world. And of course, we always get our Panish predictions, people know that you're a big sports fanatic. You love it. I like, I do you played college football for coach Sweeney at Fresno state, but talk a little bit before we get rolling Panish shae and Boyle, what a prestigious firm it is. And what it feels like to be part of such a a firm that's on the map. We're very blessed. We have great clients and every day we try to make a difference in people's lives. I'm going to trial right now been third week now for a poor captain the airforce who was struck by gas company, employees, you probably had a seizure shouldn't have been driving super serious injuries. And that's what we do. We represent people. That we represent people who have been catastrophically damaged financially or physically, and that's what we do. And then we're blessed many of these people we can make a difference in their lives. And you do I know many major judgments settlements. I I mean a lot of big time things, including the largest settlement over in this country. Four point nine billion against General Motors nineteen year anniversary just two a month or so back, but so many prestigious cases, in landmark cases. And folks, if you go to PS law dot com, you can just go through them nineteen point five nineteen point one million settlement six point three million verdicts eleven million three point seven five three million. I mean, it goes on and on. And there's details on all these different cases up and down the California coast. I mean, just, you know, soon to be here in Nevada though. I I don't know if it will ever get to the level the way it is in California because California where you are in the heart of LA, but you'll go up and down the state of California. But there is so much going on in the legal world here in Clark county in the Las Vegas area. We are proud to have Panish shae and Boyle on the rise here in Clark county, beat the we're we're happy to be there were open that we can help some people there. Obviously, it's a great place great legal community, and hopefully we can continue to make a difference. No doubt about it. All right before we get into a couple of these cases. Let's go to that game modern day. Brian did give it out and say modern day would win apparently one of the best games. Now did not get to see it. But foreign one modern day, and the reason I say foreign one is because they forfeited their game their opener their forty two fourteen win against spaceship a mind because they had a player that he used up all his eight semester eligibility. So I went back there as I what do you mean? How could they be number one? They lost the game. Who would they lose to? And then I'm thinking, wait they beat. I n g who was the number two team or a number three, I guess in Saint John Bosco in modern day. Now, I believe or sitting one too, and they will play at mater dei this year, and then maybe again later in. The California playoffs, which is you know, again, one game at a time Panish, I'll tell you. But you know, what it kind of looks that way. Because you got a pretty good team over there. We got an excellent team. They're the defending champs. They beat us last year. We've got a. Drove from the we had for many years, but there Billy talented team. The quarterback's quarterback sorta committed as Caesar junior. You had a great game. Let him on a great comeback score with with a little more than a minute left to lead the monarchs do victory over IMG who win. Some polls was rated number one and two day three. So we'll be showing down with the March later this year. It'll be back up in the playoffs. Again. I saw the highlights in that game though. A lot of big plays. Coach Bruce Rawlinson in modern day taking care of business in Bryce young quarterback from Santa Anna five yard TD run with a minute nine left. That's not forty game winning streak for IMG, and they had also broken Bishop. Gorman fifty five game winning streak last year. IMG by the way, twenty-six players already with F B S offers. They're running back Sanders and Kane combined for three hundred eleven yards in two touchdowns. But not enough as modern as monarchs winning twenty eight twenty four and that's. It's the way you want it to be because then you can control Saint John Bosco they the Braves can control their own destiny when they go head to head with modern day later. The first game is really just going to be playoff rankings and seeding in the second game. We'll be for all the marbles. Yeah. But you know, what you want to go on blemished? That's the way it is these kids want to go. I know. All.

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