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Imagine the parents leaving the factory. Yeah. Going to the press being like what happened in there? And then being like, well, our children were won by. Systematically. Right. Attacked exactly. And then every time it happened rather than them dealy who who factory workers assemble and saying joyously of what had just happened. This is why Charlie chocolate factory became so big culturally, and in the movie dolls crazy. But also like it birth a thousand sketches and stand up routines and even Barham conversations. Here's my fucking question. Why didn't they just do this? But here's. The other thing I think it's also like every kids like I har- movie where it's like the learning that sort of thing of like every death is inventive and different. And all does sort of have that slasher movie structure in their scenes are directly leading to deaths. It's the thirteenth where it's like, oh, the kids are fucking someone's gonna get murdered. And how's he gonna murder him? This. You know, I do think that's the thing. Kids like about he leans into it hard. Here course, they directly imply that one has planned all of this total when they say, well, how did they know to put his name in the songs that's rehearsed and choreographed as like improv it's a parlor trick, which is funny. Twenty sim from that is Hugh Roe same here. I got you guys talked willy Wonka never made, Lloyd. Let's call back. I had to make that trip before David went to the bathroom. So where where do you stand? At this point in the movie like what are you liking? What are you disliking? I enjoy basically the entire thing in factory. I like the way the factory looks. And I also hate the children. So it's great to watch bad things happen to them. And the only thing I don't like too much Johnny Depp's performance like all the obvious Michael Jackson's because like does this like we might be of him. And it's so weird thing. Yeah. Have you watched leaving Neverland? Okay. So I watched it. And then I went down a really ill informed. Rabbit hole of watching old. Michael Jackson interviews, which now just feel so fucking creepy. They feel like like FREDDY Krueger doing Letterman or something and like making jokes about like, why would I murder kids? I love it when they show up in my nightmare. I don't ever wanna watch. No, they're terrible. So I definitely got creeped out watching Depp. In this relieved that he hates children like feeling. Oh, real palpable sense of physical relief. Every time he pushed a kid away. But this kind of makes more. I don't even know if I want to open this box. I would say, no. Yeah. There was like the public like defense of Jackson that was accepted where it's like. Well, he never childhood. So all this weird stuff is just because he never had a childhood like he didn't develop properly, and I watched this movie, and I'm like this movie's Bogue nuts banana shit. But I am more readily believe that someone would turn out this way if they didn't have a childhood. Yeah. The way they set up Willie Wonka make sense, right? That he would like surround himself with the thing. He didn't get to do as a kid, but be a total Misanthrope. Yeah. As opposed to the way that he. Because he didn't have like childhood distrust, kids N parents. Yeah. Right. Well, who doesn't district panting? I also see it as like, yes. Michael Jackson didn't have a childhood. It's the genius rule where I feel like when people like ascend to certain level, right? And we like consider them geniuses. They have mastered their works of our right? They get away with being bad to their family like cheating on their significant other. I feel like that. So Michael Jackson. I feel like it was just more. Like, we just all accepted it as a society. John Michael say giant, Michael Jackson has the same like Roman Polanski like full flush where it's like, oh, he did really fucked up things and also really fucked up things happen to him. And he made great art. Right. So people are like, well, I don't know. What can you say?.

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