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Everyone had a biography of which happens to any person who gets famous. Somebody has an innate. Perception, somehow of that person before they come up and they lean right into the story, they come right into the cliff notes you know without the introduction. I noticed I was not meeting strangers anymore I noticed that for me personally, my soul. Needed some missed its anonymity. here all of a sudden last Friday before time to kill cames out came out there were one hundred scripts done but I couldn't do any of them and now two days later Monday. Their offer me all hundred of those scripts and I'm going what two days ago I would have done any of those. Now you're telling me I, can do all of those I need some discernment I need to go figure out what what what matters here matters to me so. I put on backpack and got outta Dodge and went to places where people did not know my name where I was stuck with no one. But me and my internal dialogue to try and get my soul and feet on the ground and understand my head and my heart communicating clearly again to say what is it? I want what I want WanNa do what is it I don't want I write about this a lot in the book. You know it's very hard to know what we want and who we are. And that's okay. By process of elimination getting rid of the things you don't want and who you are not you will give you a better chance to end up being who you are and getting what you want. So that was the beginning of that process after I became famous and and then went on from there. That's every day since then for you is that feel like a lifetime ago when people did not know you on the street. All, I kind of. kind of I'm kind of at ease with it. Now, I still I'm able to now And much more quick now to meet someone in already understand is out they've already got a bye on you but I know how to get down. Underneath that with them. So we can have a real conversation. They can be completely honest with me as the guy, they just met Matthew, not the actor but the man math McConnell. So I've learned the tools for how to get under that in a graceful way hopefully, and sometimes it takes longer with certain people sometimes, it can take you know I don't have the effort. The where I write about in the book, we less impressed more involved sometimes, people will be impressed with my fame or something I'm not. They're not involved in the conversation with right there holding reverence for my place in society a someone famous that they're not really being themselves for behaviors. I've learned tools to get them to go. Okay. got that now. Hey, come here. And ask in certain question about the day. Do you have children or something like that and all of a sudden then baselines and I can have an involve conversation ONS conversational somebody but I've learned how to do that over the years. Hey guys thanks for listening to the Sunday. Sit Down podcast stick around to hear more from Matthew mcconaughey right after the break. We get support from care of as the seasons change. It's important to get ahead of taking care of your immune health..

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