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No. You mean the spurs? First. I mean, the spurs. Yeah, it looked as big as the Alamo dome when they shut off the corners. I mean, a lot of people in the products and stuff. Right. Well, I mean, we know what they're seeding trick is, you know, pack everything on one side. But at the beginning of the show, they showed the entire right side and the middle, you know, obviously not the left side, but that was all pretty packed on what I saw. I was like, oh, okay, not bad. It was so full and big that it almost like even the microphone had like this WrestleMania sound of like hollow air. Did you guys notice that? No. It's like when it's really when there's a really, really big venue and there's a lot of people out of space. Like sometimes the microphone has almost like a hollow sound and I feel like that's what I heard. Yeah, it was big. Yeah. So yeah, Brock says fight Roman tonight. Sammy doesn't want to do it, but Brock, bullies him into it. Be a star. And yeah, you tell Sammy, don't worry, I got you back. And then after the break, Sony makes the match official. And Brock will face the winner at day one. Yeah. Great. Next up we have Sasha Banks versus Shayna Baszler before the match. They showed highlights of Baszler stomping on Nia Jax and Eva Marie's arms on the steel steps. And I wrote, this was my joke. This is what I was going to say. All right, I was going to say they showed highlights of Baszler future endeavoring Nia Jax and Eva Marie. But then after I typed that pat McAfee said, a future endeavors kick on the stairs. All right then. Fair enough. But now Jax, Eva Marie. Who are you? Who are you? Before even him to say that is pretty incredible. You're going to joke on our show for him to say it out loud. I think he's the only one that gets away with that stuff. He has these really not. I don't need your money. Yeah, it's like, oh, you don't want me to be here fine. I'll leave. Yeah. Yeah, so Sasha went for a creative roll up, but Shane encountered with the cure food of clutch, Sasha escaped, and immediately put Baszler in the bank statement, but Sheena got out of it. In the end, Shana went for a gut wrench power bomb, but Sasha countered and won with a make sure you keep track this week. Oh yeah. Roll up. Yeah. Yeah. Great. Yeah. Speaking of coquinas, Samoa Joe, where's he been? I'm right. He's dead. Even if he's not this show. No. He's no show. No show, Joe. I mean, you figure, if you want to rap original black and gold at war games, you use Samoa Joe. Yeah. Not in LA, maybe Samoa Joe didn't want to be a part of the rainbow NXT. Maybe. Maybe it was his decision to be like, all right. Come on this. You make me the champ, and then you're gonna change the rainbow colors, right? I don't know. I mean, that's Scottie too hottie. He said he walked, you know? He said he asked for his release. Beth Phoenix is left now. Uh huh. So maybe people just don't want to be a part of this NXT, and can you blame them? Right. They can see the train coming from the other way. And they want to get off before it Rex. Absolutely. Yeah. It's like in Spider-Man two, the tracks are out, and we don't have Spider-Man to save us this time. We better leave now. It's true. We don't have Tobey Maguire to make a bottom left face. What's going on below that? All right, so backstage, we see Sonia talking to Adam Pearce on FaceTime because he's too much of a pussy to show up because Brock's back. Yeah. And he's like, oh, I think I'm gonna go remember the Alamo tonight instead. That's funny because according to Google, the Alamo closes at 5 30. So where the fuck were you? I knew it. I knew he was a pussy. I did this bizarre Sam. Yeah. Right. So then, Drew McIntyre walks up and asked Sonia, who's responsible for not putting me in the battle royal last week, and Sonia says it was pierce. Yeah. So then drew holds up his sword until Sonya tell pierce I'm looking for him. He holds up his sword like it's his dick. Yeah. And so he's like, nah. I think these rumors that pierce's hard path. I think the rumor that pierce is getting a stable is pretty accurate here. Because Brock wants to kill him, Drew McIntyre wants to kill him. Right. So two of the biggest guys, so he'll get who? Sami Zayn von Wagner was there one week, and now he was never seen again. Almost broke up with AJ kind of, so. Oh, yeah. Be he'll throw him. Oh, God. Could be the bouncer. Got von Wagner back the most pierced to talk to Adam Pearce, please. You have an appointment. Come on, no Mas. It's me. It's A.J. Styles. Can you just let me in please? Yeah, we'll see. Next up, we have happy talk with happy Corbin and madcap moss. Corbin was cosplaying as Seth Rollins. Sure. Wearing a ridiculous outfit. Yeah. What's the mustache? I think this was the first time we've seen Corbin in shorts. And his legs are more tatted than Eric's. Yeah. Yeah. Right. But does not look good on Corbin. Yeah. You know who's gonna shit ton of tattoos that you can't see is Rhea Ripley. Yeah. Like all over her legs. Like when she posts on Instagram and like skirts or that's right, yeah. Next week we're gonna do a side by side. We're gonna have Corbin's legs, Eric's legs and Rio's legs and me and Joe are gonna guess which ones are which. Okay, yeah. I might have some dead giveaways. Oh man, those legs are too hot, those have to be Eric's. Whose legs are they? So Corbin starts off his show singing if you're happy and you know and kill yourself. I mean, clap your hands. Yeah. And they do that. Yeah. Corbett brings up the battle royal and tells moss. It was a pretty good prank when I eliminated you and moss seems upset at first, but then he laughs hysterically and then Corbin mocks Jeff Hardy for not realizing Sami Zayn was still in the battle royal. And.

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