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To the frontal low and selfdriving car with usa it's like a memento president right now they don't everything gets state taken back in re said in joint we just don't know so it is essentially apple will yeah and it still existing boosts i mean i didn't even know of isis i mean i never thought decentralized government was so hot girl the constitution and to get out of office report on i'm saga sorry all right well we'll keep an eye on it i guess guys i am i am glad that the media is doing its part to that douched bags scumbags as scumbags like rob porter yeah and getting them out and and prying them out of the oval office because otherwise they would still be the either way that i am i am impressive than with the investigative reporting that got us this kind of information because who new to even look that all these people are working with interim it you know temporary clearances yeah like who note even fucking think alec how many levels of things do we have to think about all the time that these people are fucking up on like that's laying wanted to strike now is the time frames what are widely fog i give my legally so i i really don't know no anderson anderson putin wearing today gordon it is shown as observers previews all right let us move on to topic three doubt that barca south africa's look a lot going on right now they've had their own version of a danni in south africa jacob zuma you could zuma president there for what nine years some years and he was facing a ninth the vote of noconfidence vote of noconfidence as a lot of vote like attempts at that voting about nichols.

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