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If you wanted to make a quick buck you could already done that. I have no doubt and you could have been gone on. You're in bore bore somewhere you know drinking your are your nice little. Margaritas or whatever it might be over there and bore bore but but regardless you know I love the way that you kind of shape that and explain you know the way that you have approach this so let's kind of move into where we're at today. In obviously we can talk about two thousand seventeen for for years right. I mean there's enough information in that but twenty the eighteen really kind of highlighted a lot of the problems and you know we can crashing down expectations crumbled people kind of backed off in a lot of ways of the that traditional what could well. I'll say that traditional. ICO raise from two thousand seventeen but now we're in this new age where the expectations are higher and investors are smarter thankfully obviously but but you know what is happening right now on the space and are you still optimistic about where this is going to be. I'm very optimistic. Unsurprisingly we're still still working here for the record. I know that was kind of a question right. We're talking. I think the what's happening is the norms are slowly being set in two thousand seventeen. It was a free for all right. There was so much capital available. There were so many projects out there and so everyone is just sprang pregnant every direction twenty thousand like you said things crashed down in everyone pulled back really aggressively and now the feelers are starting to come back out and everyone's saying well listen. We're still bullish on this space. We want this. We believe that there's something here we just have to be more more diligent about it and people are saying that on the project side and on the investor side and on the user side and and so those people started to explore what actually makes sense one one thing that happened happened recently hosted the Algorithms Auction and that was interesting because they tried to auction right. They tried this whole new mechanism for running a sale rather even setting a price of an auction of a a token selling their auction ran at that way and seeing exploration with us and that approach of running a sale alright as it goes live almost more like a traditional. IPO where there's immediate liquidity so people that invest in in that offer and I think you're you're seeing a whole bunch of different expression play wherever discussions with a ton of different token issuers on different models and that's exciting because that means that we're getting a chance to try out this remodels see what she's and it's GonNa set the expectations for the next years when these models start to solidify and we see what actually works yeah no doubt and I think about the show and although I don't know if that's the ideal way that I could write it myself. That's how I want this space to be driven. I guess but the I yo- brings up a lot of a lot of accountability and it's not just from the project that went. It's also from the exchange in as the exchanges have to attach themselves allow this if this constantly gently scam after scam well. No one's GonNa believe in this anymore and you know it's another huge black guy for the space so I find that the I. E. O.'s that I'm seeing especially in the credible whoa exchanges or at least really well vetted and they do. They take a lot of risk. I don't want to say on a financial level because it's very volatile but at least on whether or not scam am or not scam. They're taking a lot of the risk out at least in my perspective and I don't want to this is not an endorsement for IOS or does or does this is more so just on a my personal feeling do you do you see what I'm saying as kind of social norm now or would you say that's kind of the industry norm. You know I think I I think it's happening. I also think it depends exchange to exchange how much they're actually doing right not every exchange just doing the same level of diligence or vetting as every other one. I think it's just becoming a necessary serie. Reality investors are expecting it and so even if you're an exchange out there and you don't want to do that sort of work the projects you want everyone to raise money in your platform investors. It's not gonNA go for investors. Look equality and that's been our Bethel time as if only work with high quality projects investors will recognize that and come to us and that's been certainly true over the last couple of years and I think as this flight qualities happening through two thousand eighteen twenty nineteen. It's just becoming something you have to do. It's not even so much the best practices it is a necessary factor to to make sure you're not working with people yeah. That's that's a really good point man all right so let's talk about. Where do you think we're shaping up into. Is this something that you know you're looking at and you're seeing traditional investors starting to I this space a little bit more or would you say that we're still trying to prove ourselves both right. I think traditional investors are certain either space. We are seeing some people move in and make bets. I think we're very early and we hear over and over again that the institutional wave is coming. The institutional wave is coming. People are gonNA start investing lots of capital. I believe that's true. I don't necessarily believe that it's going to happen in a flash and and that you know in two months we're GONNA wake up and there will be ten billion dollars of inflows from institutional investors into the crypt base that seems unlikely and and so I think it's it's just a matter of kind of slowly moving up the chain getting more investors on board and we see this. The market goes up. The market goes down but every single month more people are aware of Cryptos. It was a market more people are buying in and you're you're just exposing a broader audience to the network and so that that's really exciting to be something that I think is driving. A lot of adoption will continue to over the years but it's also important again. I'm a broken record on this. We need to have high quality projects to hold up and show those New People. We need to have success stories right others. ICO's from two thousand seventeen or just launching now and hopefully some of them will be massively successful in their adoption and actually drive usage wjr and that's a good story to be able to tell new investors and convince people to to start paying attention to the space absolutely man and really really well said I. I'm somebody somebody who is dealing with the public on a social level right. I I'm I'm on facebook community on facebook. It's gotten over one hundred thousand people we have seventy five eighty thousand active members per Vermont there on Kripa Coin Trader and I love that group but man it can't be it can be as toxic as any space an in the history of the world right. I mean it's can and be so nasty because people are so devastatingly broken over what happened to their coins and from two thousand seventeen and I always try to remind people were in a in a area and in this space that has not been figured out yet people have no clue really what the blockchain's doing ninety five percent of you if not more have no idea yeah which actually holding and I mean we don't have we don't have a choice but to be patient or you can just get out of the space whatsoever and if we're not highlighting for not appreciating shading the good projects the ones that are actually doing things to help the space then. We're doing a disservice to everybody because we're just going to let the bad actors be the ones that are in the news so I love what you're doing Andy. Where what do you think we're going to see over the next year. Yeah I think I see a bunch of these projects that were super ambitious rushes and raised in two thousand seventeen to build something really challenging where to send them launch and you know I'm thinking about you know top mind from his file coined the I O conceal. We ran we we just helped the block stack reggae off from just ran and a bunch of these projects going live and that will be proving ground seeing how those things pan out how much start to use these projects going to be at a keystone woman for the space. I'm not something I think that we're going to see a lot of right now and the second thing I think we're going to see is a lot of experimentation in the models for how these token sales token distributions run now talk about auctions I use. I think every variation of those is going to be tried in the next year. You're so desperately searched for the right mechanism for fundraising and distribution in in the space and I think we'll see a lot of interesting experiments there. What do you think so attractive about blockchain ability that that is going to propel this next wave. I look at this. This is from a non technical perspective you know and so I never claimed to be an engineer or developer. That's not what I do but you know there's a lot of things a lot of projects that have wonderful intentions engine's great and awesome ideas but just simply have no place on the blockchain right and I'm not gonNA give you examples. I'm not trying to sit there and crushing based token hopes but but you know we have to deal with the fact that not everything is supposed to be on the blockchain and the things that are that that deserved to be on the blockchain that may not have been highlighted jet or discovered or even created those those things. We need to support as a community. How do you guys go about really getting the attention for some of your projects. I mean like I it's hard enough for me just to kind of find some products times and you know. I remember file quainton. You guys had a great gel coined by the way because I didn't even know that you were behind that raise and you know the things that I saw about foul coin. Were for the most part very positive as far as when the raise as race was going on but what is it like. You're doing differently as well like how how just tell us. What's the method man about telling you about new secrets great yeah well. I think one recognition you have to have you. Were talking about kind of use cases and what's going to happen here. I think if you're excited about the space which I know you are. I certainly am You have to believe that we do not know right now. What some of the best is application of blockchain technology going to be in the same way that if we were talking about the Internet nineteen ninety-two you can definitely have some interesting applications. You can brainstorm. Oh this'll be interesting. We'll we'll be able to do that but a lot of the most interesting ones you could have had no idea until we actually advance further space and so a big part of what we do is just exposing people to that. Make people realize think about this new concept. This product is transcendent brand new. You've never heard before. Let's try explain that and taking the time and having the trust for us is a really important important piece to be able to explain that people is is key and again for US along this around our brand and the trust that we built investors are willing to listen to us in here we you have to say about new project they of course make a decision on their own and judge the project on its merits but but we're able to spend some time educating about what's is going on myspace and where things are actually you know and we can kind of. Let's talk a little bit about like actually Queen lists per se here you know and obviously I mean I'm not part of coin. Listen listen. We're we're just getting to know each other first time ourselves anti so you know some of these are actual questions that Joe personally but you know. What is your involvement post sale though once let's say sales sales over you guys did a great job? I obviously you're rooting for the success of that project. Is there any involvement post the post sale yeah absolutely we still spend a lot of time with projects Jackson. It's a few different ways that happens. One is just informally right. We try and position ourselves as a trusted adviser to these projects. We have a great view of what's happening the space so once we work on the project just having them come to us. Ask US questions about equity or how they're going to drive adoption or things like that we cannot be really helpful as we were kind of the center a lot of things and we can make introductions or offer them advice on what direction deterrent or or look since won't be peace sign that we do offer some services for after sales one is helping with the token distribution itself when it's time for the network alive for Tokens to go to investors. We often help with distributing the actually getting them out to investors. Now we have other services to help with hosting hacker thon to build developer communities for these projects. We have airdrops product help..

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