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Your governor. The state's major hospitals pushed bergamo administration to allow them to have infected but a symptomatic. Staffers treat covid nineteen patients quoting. We applaud the governor for another tool. We can use and quote said michael. Lebow the head of sanford health bismarck which is developing protocols to allow such employees to work in a dedicated covid nineteen unit after it is found to be safe for its employees and patients. I'm not even gonna read that again. It sounds like a pencil. Pusher is writing these policies from an hmo sanford health bismarck. I'm going to have to research them at find out who they are. They sound like a health management organization. I will find out the article goes on goes on. He said the he expects hospital. Hundreds of healthcare workers to support the move at quit safe are in place but tessa johnson. Who has the north dakota nurses association said the group surveyed hundreds of its members this week and we're not at all thrilled with the decision. Okay so reading that sentence right. There tells me that sanford health bismarck is in fact a health management organization or something of that nature. I can't for the life of me believe that someone would be that shortsighted to create a policy. That says oh go ahead and go to work if you're infected. You're a symptomatic so you're safe. No that's not the way it works. You're not safe even though you may not have any symptoms you're still carrying the virus and guess what you can still pass it on somebody else. Quoting mrs johnson. I know nurses who leave work every day and crying the car before they go to see their kids. I don't know how much more we can take quote under the cdc guidelines as symptomatic infected medical workers who intend to treat kobe. Nineteen patients must take their temperatures before every shift and confirmed. They don't have any symptoms. Workers with even mild symptoms aren't allowed to treat patients. That's if everybody's gonna be on the honor.

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