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Right now we're gonna go back to our interview with Tanya Catan and she's just such a is so great I spent some time with her out in Portland Oregon over the summer because she was also speaking at the world domination summit sponsored by our friend Chris gill about and you know I just like the idea that someone like Tonya has the opportunity to walk into an organization and help them figure out how to kind of change the whole environment and you'll see what I mean because she certainly has a very different perspective on what works in corporate America and what does not work so here is more of our interview or the end of our interview I should say with Tanya Catan so why does a company hire you right now to comment what do you what do you think the brass is seeking and is it different than what you deliver what they want is a couple of things one a lot of companies especially tech companies that are bringing me and are all about innovation and about acceleration so you know coming up with new ideas and then executing on them and moving quickly and to the to the second part is about alignment any company you know they have their stated values his we believe in their writ large and then there's the on to the ground realities and so I come in and I show them through my own work being in bed in companies and artists contemporary artists and people they might not ever pursue or be aware of in the world and I show how to make a connection between thought and form between the idea and how we execute on it so when you go through this process in a workplace where do you get pushed back from every direction that's actually push back is a sign that I'm on the right track however when ever I engage in creative trespassing when a bed in a company organization I'm always honoring the company the mission and the vision it's not it's about serving the greater good not like serving me so that's first and foremost I get pushback I remember making a video series for a contemporary art museum where I would run around and interview people and I try to win employee of the month not earn it the the board of directors and concerned citizens and others were like she's not working Tanya is just having fun and I said as if the two are mutually exclusive hi but what happened was I learned how to qualify and quantify what I was doing so if I could show the numbers I was hired to do X. Y. Z. increase revenue streams engage new audience members if I could show the numbers which I did then what can you say then they will then they'll leave you alone they will and they'll actually encourages okay there are twenty one rules of creative trespassing doesn't do it at the exit you did that on my gosh tastic what do you want to give us your top three com or not yeah they are about fear I decided that don't even the galleys you have more than twenty one in the finalization that's a great question to you know first of all we we've made changes and I even added a chapter after it was done what that's how I roll I'm changing all the same I would say well I have two favorite so the rules correspond with the chapters yeah so fear is so last year love you like that what people are fearful about a million things scared to rock the boat I guess that there is fear that is always bubbling beneath this fear of the unknown well right in there so suit two things one theater trained me to dress fear because the primary the like the foundation of theater suspension of disbelief so that's the whole idea of like you let go of your fear your perceptions and assumptions and you take a leap of faith into an unknown world so there you have it that's a foundation for leaping into the unknown and then also you know I read Pemba children a lot who's a Buddhist nun and teacher and like everybody no I mean I don't know you make everybody's very I listen to the show it's highly highly intelligent and savvy and involve people and involving people are listening you know and she talks about it in the face of fear it's not about avoiding it it's about going towards it and embracing it once you do you eat it dissolves so you know we I thought I don't fit into technology I don't belong here and it was because I was an outsider that I was able to see some of the issues and find solutions for them I like the fear one but I also like you have a very in depth conversation about listening there are so many people who are just not into now again made maybe that's because these are people who are not used to listening they are listed there used to reading from a screen maybe that's part of the issue but sometimes you don't you find that you you respond to something and there's no feedback from the person you assume that person heard you there are so many times even when I'm when I'm doing radio hits somebody will ask me a question that I've just covered because they're trying to think forward and not being engaged in a moment yes I had to learn to listen I was a like uhhuh uhhuh uhhuh uhhuh that's pre technology right until somebody said that I worked with was like each I can't explain anything to make what is wrong with you your some now she's like whenever I am trying to explain the process to you you're saying a ha ha ha like your you know it and I was like oh my gosh she's and then for years actually whenever I think of from like she's just me and then one day I I was aware that I am I was filling in the space between knowledge and learning with my ha ha ha ha and then I got conscious on what it means to listen and its first technology because I wasn't being on it I don't like to look or hold my phone I don't like to have it near me likes were sitting in front of each other and have any technology here because I think that is it is a barrier to to listening and speaking clearly and feeling like you have the time and space to respond organically as opposed to I need to be thinking about the next thing talk about how you have like some creative ways to bring creativity into a wrote job let's say somebody's listening here someone sitting at a desk error or commuting to work and gets to a desk where all day long they have to I don't know copy edit how can that person bring creativity or that type of of role how do bring creativity to those kinds of jobs are maybe it's a colder which can be creative actually so but so what is some tips that you have that we can leave our dear listeners with the world according to Tanya so first of all the easiest thing is to get up to literally get up from your desk and go for a walk Stanford did a study on walking creativity and by literally you being in motion you're disrupting your habits and patterns that are actually keeping you stock and you will find that when you get back to your desk even fifty five ten minute walk you will have more energy focus and creativity for even inside the office yeah it's literally about getting up and moving your body because you know we think about what you're doing when you're stuck in the cycle of like I hate my job or this is I can't solve this problem you're sitting at your desk in your typing where your computer you need to disrupt that action so that's number one and then to you know in terms of taking breaks assuming you have a break I mean I think legally lots of people should be having breaks you can take a break that's creatively focused in nature so for example you can say okay ten minute creative writing session the topic is your mother's hands go and just write or ten minute dance break the the the genre is hip hop and dance and dance for ten minutes instead of taking a lot I know says a lot especially in corporate culture is people think that they when they take a break that they're not doing their job the boss is going to look down on them that they need to be working hard but they're getting less work done so in the book I tell that I call these exercises productive disruptions because actually taking a break from this you know this stock cycle will help you well thanks to tiny could time for stopping by the studio and spending some time with us the book is called creative trespassing check it out and when we return we're going to have our second guest live in the studio it's very exciting all right stay tuned it's July money will be right back okay you know.

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