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We Larry's the we like all my. I'm going to explain what a potluck is like bitch. We actually that we know that we would've. What was she oposite. She tried to get the her end the wafer the break that but he's a doll. What is he you know. We know what it is what they are we. We can sense so it like his ethnicity. Because i feel like you said race you get a different response. That he makes me think he's a brown person versus the black exactly and then maybe maybe an. He's a vegetarian. And i'm thinking. I'm thinking he might be indian. I'm thinking he might be Middle eastern. i'm definitely given me that vibe. You could also beach. He's also be chinese. So i'm like i'm sitting here like better vegetarian I'm concerned like at sisters. I looks like i don't know why it turned into a pilot. I don't even understand that far like why kinky so it's like arc is your level of cooking. You can't go past for people that's super weird to me. Oh my god. It was four but then turned into seven and it was like okay. We got a guy. I don't know given the context of what the apology. Dinner was four. Who why did they gotta be their way. They're like whoa now. I should really. I don't mean that the sister release be even been there to be honest like the one who was playing like i don't understand. Why wasn't the mom. planning this. excel just to them over for dinner to apologize. But it's like you have to apologize publicly flag or no no not really so. You may seem like an apology. Dinner is a thing that i read should know but everybody knows what a fucking hot workers everybody knows what looking like. What the fuck are you talking. So yeah you're not the asshole. But you're the asshole for not explain. What the fucking apology. Dinner is like saying for no good reason his ethnicity. So we don't care about your bigoted mama. We are trying to figure out what. I ain't with a potluck. You can cook for over four people. So i feel like potluck is fine now. I'm so intrigued. But also not that engaged your have like but i felt this is like Intrude on this moment. Then yeah you need to bring brutal only baton part me and the mama. Why here like this is sport. What the fuck is wrong. show right. that's why i'm like. We'll get it right. Jim makes them bring the l. And say trying to be nosy since two this. I want to see this little go. Okay let's go. loki instance low key just. Because i don't want to start off with something. Nice summer spouse defied so natasha rothwell has inked a big overall deal with abc signature. So for everybody. Who doesn't natasha. Rothwell is kelly from insecure so she also is a writer on the show. I believe that amputees. But i think she's just in the writing room but she also is on the show and homegirl has now overall deal Let's see shonda. Kenya bears Carlos king natasa rothwell very very very very excited for this In under the instead this is coming from deadline under the rich pack which is in conjunction with disney general entertainment bio bio poc. Creative initiative led by. Tara duncan rafael will develop new projects for television via big hattie productions financial.

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