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Probably realized the last couple of weeks is that honesty firmer from a player in the media going to bed season is going to be it's going to be out there now sean uh you know i think it it's interesting that on the day the land and makes the cancer comment about about eu i awful um it was a porch he's the use of cancer uh in anything especially in sports but when you talk about the next day you apologizes and then lo and behold four hours later after his apology spend it for the rest of the season i mean if the giant wanted you wanted winner to apologize they certainly backed off his assertion about eu i apple by suspending them for the rest of the season so i do not think the giant called for wide receiver in the top five i do believe that there is a chance if they don't like the quarterback that maybe they trade down a little bit get quinton mousumi all sorts of wine from notre dame or you know what they kwan barclays out there if you if you wanna go down landen's road and say you want a guy who could change the dynamic of this offense uh sekome barkley on the field with odell beckham throwing shepherd of an ingrown and potentially you i manning with a rebuilt offense of wind i i liked the giants chances of turning us offense around but if a long way until we get to the draft maggie north jersey dot com and of course the record thanks for the inside art thanks act by both roma back lockwood wsb thanks very much pillow we will lag these giant coaching candidates from hanley to coffman to par cells on that scale that even makhadov 443 don't forget we're coming from the town fair tire studios powered by town fared tire were so thrilled to have them on board with us from the beginning nobody beats town fared tire hi it's jamie progresses employee of the month to month in a row.

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