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Technology to control them to our aims so both of those characters had died atoning for their misunderstandings of humankind's relationship with the natural world. Then that would be perfect. That would be great. But of course we know in upcoming movies. Of course the character of coach taylor is used immaculately and we're all glad that he is alive. Oh yeah exactly. And i'm sure there's nobody. Wbz stepped up and said you can't create an orphan. You can't create norfolk. Can't kill the white man. Are they're actors. Are there any characters who look different from a white man. With dark care. We can kill. Know what we can't kill the get out. Dad love him and you know he's white speaking of weird treatment of death The lady from shape of water is crunched to death. Yes and no one comments on it and no one mourns her. But when god's hit by a missile the movie pauses the show everyone like mournful and sad and it's just like wow how. How little do you actually. Yeah it's it's so it's fascinating that sally hawkins is just suddenly. It's a character. We came to know from twenty four teams godzilla. Just gone unceremoniously killed with like barely. I think there's a split second shot of ken. Watanabe's knows sorrowful shocked face and the nets. The only comment on her death for the rest of the movie. Yes two time academy award nominee. Sally hawkins smooshed today delimited. Fanfare insist crazy crazy this franchise though we can't let it off the hook. It killed juliet. Ba- notion the first ten minutes of the first movie so it doesn't know how to handle its talent but at least that affected bryan cranston's character for the rest of his life for the rest of his life which hold on. Let me check was another ten minutes of the movie but it also affects. Sword series had bryan cranston and juliet. Bench killed them both in the first twenty minutes of the movie. Nothing it had a sequel to that movie that had a john c reilly. Tom hit allston. John goodman samuel jackson. Eugene cordeiro marc. Evan jackson tons of talent never again. I want you to look. this movie. Had kayla watanabe to add look at the way for when he said samuel l. jackson your mic spite. I think it's program to do that. Yes this series. It hired really great actors and kills them with no ceremony. Master class and squandering. It really is make any sense. It's you kill. Millions of people per movie is separate skull island that only kill dozen yes that only dozens of highly skilled actors. You kill millions of people per movie and you don't even more in the famous ones. What what are you trying to say. Wb the people at wbz. They they had a list of people in other. You know of a talent pool. That has juliet Bryan cranston samuel jackson. John c reilly john goodman. Tom huddleston what we really want. Is we want our third movie To really be pulled by coach. Taylor from friday night lights the dad from get out and the lead from the silicon valley. We really those characters to to really show out in the third movie. That's who we can afford it..

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