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Or or yeah or amtrak does like big deal like everyone le's facto right now i want to try it but i am also i've never actually given a is it a competitor would you say to atomic whatever yeah it would be like a competitor to the pattern lab yeah like product but pattern lab what school about pattern lobbies they chose mustache as the vehicle in the last like practical chose nothing in a way right yeah i don't i don't know enough i thought they kind of like let you do a few different things so or like animal barsy or something but i actually don't know so i don't want cutter too deeply but the the pattern lab uses than this is demopattern labdai o uses mustache add to kind of power things so it's in mustache is a logic lists template system or has a little bit of logic like maybe if statements and stuff like that maybe it doesn't even have logic so it's a logical template system so it's basically just for spitting out data now if you have logic oh his handlebars now so no an adenoid impractical gifts okay so inherent eyebrow hippies yeah curley brackets in so i almost any you know php java whatever like anything has a curley brackets and tax you know to convert to rails are liquid you change the curley barack brackets to like bracket you know equals or bracket percent signed i am a fan of like very like generic templates that can be easily easily like like basically recode it in something else like think about like what's the.

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