John, Bernie, President Trump discussed on The South Florida Morning Show


He's been pushing for me at least I mean a minimum cross the board mandatory fifteen Bucks an hour that's just like the starting point right well finally at some point in time is campaign staffers got a hold of this and I said why hold us he John are you making this no I'm not making this an hour so they go to burning in they said we're not even making fifty Bucks an hour Bernie's response don't talk about that I'm working on it so no that wasn't enough they revolted sure Bernie who is a physical a literate finally figured out and somebody got to him and said we can't afford this with our own staff members so they cut their hours so they they're doing less they're they're getting paid now fifteen Bucks an hour but less hours so they can afford to have months down doing the same amount of work wow right the initial we'll have to you'll have to pay more for your health insurance if I increase your salary and they're like no that means that it's the same difference you know making the same I'm paying more for my help it was okay or cut your hours will that's exactly what the argument is there's a little microcosm a with a birdie economy would be so it's like yeah of course these less jobs less work and you're doing more jobs because people are laid off all in all in the name of something that on paper looks good and feels good and that's that's socialism in a not show there you go it is owned campaign and he tried to pass it off I don't know who ratted him out but he tried to tell everybody not to talk all yeah don't go public with this good god yeah he only make twelve fifty an hour watch classic is that this was something to and this prompted the president to talk about his own relationship with African Americans but it was the big and double ACP convention it was just outside of Detroit where she had to leave off the rails again she didn't say MFR I she was close when she she was very close I'm.

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