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Preview getting ready for week four the second gave our after the double header on many of these same station says the philadelphia eagles in los angeles chargers getting together out on the west coast eagles coming off one of the most uplifting games ever in franchise history as they wanted to sixty one yard field goal as time expired last week to beat the judge hi it's and go to two and one the chargers continue to come up a buck sure it was a little bit more than that as they lost twenty forty tend to kansas city last week their own three you know what i about philadelphia last week is that they were able to run the ball effectively and that was coming off of the game in kansas city where they were unable to do that so i you know they went back to work and practice it they want to take some of the pressure off her carson won and it certainly worked for the charges i'll tell you what the has just been closed close in the not so close though burgers is plan okay but last week gave the four interceptions i doubt that he will have that type of game against philadelphia i pick this game has a chance to be a pretty high scoring game maybe upper 20s low 30s honor take philadelphia i just think that are a team that expects to win right now i'm not really sure where the confidence is with the la chargers in their small stadium it's not really a homefield advantage i just i don't like where things are with philip rivers and the new coaching staff there and everything else i i'm just going to take philadelphia on a hunch and i think they won by three where were the last time a team so david owen three and made the playoffs you've got it all the way back to 1998 and that's the path the new york giants or try to take right now after they lost last week against philadelphia on the road of tampa bay bucks come in with a one one record after their loss of minnesota while you know they beat chicago pretty good in their home opener and jameis winston played reasonably well nigh game did not play well last week the.

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