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Here's John Mitchell. How about those? But. Bucks. Go bucks. They take care of the Celtics wipe them out back to being town the bucks advanced to the NBA Eastern Conference final gosh such excitement in that game. I loved watching all everyone's faces last night. Like Janas had a couple of crazy faces danika Patrick had a couple of non smiley faces who went to her watching the Celtics faces. Sandy fallen apart in Kyrie's sitting out the last eight minutes, and then not taking any accountability for playing the worst four games of his life after a game. One win all that stuff about him. All that was fun to watch on the only thing. I miss about it being over as we don't get to watch kyri continue to shoot and shoot and shoot that was Chuck fest. Wasn't it? Yeah. That guy could fall off a camel in that find the sand. Right. I mean, hey, all right here, we go. So one of the things at the game last sense. You guys probably saw this was danika, Patrick and Aaron Rodgers are sitting in their fancy seats and a guy behind them appears to be passing them drinks danika trying to pay him. It ends up. That guy is Rick Barrett. High big time real estate developer here in Milwaukee. And barrett. Joined Steve Scott this morning to give us the scoop on exactly what happened. Had been giving for drinks that she had ordered before one before. So and she just gave it in the previous time. So I thought I would do the same on her behalf. So that's what was happening. So she had tipped previously. You are kind of taking care of at this time. Now, do you know danika, I know you've sat in those seats for awhile danika, do you know Aaron Rodgers I do you know, they've sat not in an earlier series game. And got the know them, you know, I I kinda drill can with Aaron a little bit. I. I asked him. I said, you know, I gotta ask this question. I said driving down from Green Bay tonight who draw and he just started laughing and kinda hit it off. Really, well, and and. I felt like we have a little tension with them 'cause we're just always making jokes with them. Hey, rick. It's Eric when did you realize that you were being discussed in mocked on Twitter? Well, that's a that's a great question. I did when my son from the university Iowa is studying for example this exam week down there. And he he touched me that dead you're trending Twitter. I don't really know what that is. Right. I I love the thought of danika Patrick driving down the United States. But it was cotton weaving in and out of cars get over. He never did. He he never said by neither one of them throws always in the right lane. Just waiting for cars to pass or there's no way to bid. That's. Well. If he met his driving, and you look over and it's Dan Patrick wearing a helmet. There's no way that he'd wanted them. Trove right now, I.

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