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Taylor. That hasn't happened. We only charges that came from the investigation were for the shots. Officer Brett Hankerson fired into a neighboring apartment. Not Taylor's protester, Constance Every says that's not justice. Which he has another idea of how to get it. We have to get back to you. As what is important for the people are voting power again. Why is this happening Well is happy because you have to look at the political leadership in place here. Every says protests will continue until the country stops the unethical killing of black Americans. For NPR NEWS. I'm Ryan. Vandals. ER in Louisville President Trump has signed an executive order that the White House describes as protecting infants born alive after abortions. NPR's Sarah McCammon reports, abortion rights groups called the Order politically Motivated and unnecessary. President Trump's executive order instructs the Department of Health and Human Services to make sure that organizations receiving federal funds provide medical care too premature infants. Including those born very early or with severe disabilities in fantasize already is illegal. But abortion rights opponents have objected to laws allowing women to obtain abortions when severe fetal abnormalities air discovered late in pregnancy. Trump announced his plans to sign what supporters described as a born alive order during the National Catholic Prayer breakfast earlier in the week. In a statement, the abortion rights group NARAL called that a quote intentionally inflammatory term that is not grounded in medical science. Sarah McCammon NPR news and you're listening to NPR news. Voters in Switzerland this weekend will decide whether to end the country's agreement with the European Union on the Free Movement of People. Joanna Cock, Icis reports. Non citizens make up about a quarter of the 8.6 Million people living in Switzerland. Many air you nationals working his doctors, nurses or educators, but the anti immigrants with people's party claims that most migrants are dangerous. And likely to go on welfare and that they also takes with jobs. Switzerland is not in the European Union but lets you citizens work in the country. The Swiss People's Party wants Switzerland to end this deal, but polls show that most Swiss voters want to keep it. Supporters of the YOU deal, say, ending it would deprive Switzerland of skilled workers and isolate the country politically and economically. For NPR news. I'm Joanna Caucasus. Armenia has declared martial law as violence erupts. Armenia's military says it shot down to Azerbaijani helicopters around a disputed territory after Azerbaijan launched an air and artillery attack. There have been reports of civilian casualties. Azerbaijan says it was responding to shelling along the front. A mountainous separatist region has long been claimed by both sides. It is ethnically Armenian and internationally recognized as part of Azerbaijan. South Korea today handed over the remains of 117 Chinese soldiers who died in the Korean War. In the seventh annual repatriation ceremony. A Chinese military plane retrieved the remains from Seoul before flying them back to China. Since the first ceremony in 2014, the remains of more than 700 tiny soldiers have been returned. It's NPR. Support for NPR comes from NPR stations. Other contributors include the candy to fund supporting individual dignity and sustainable communities, their investments and transformative leaders and ideas. Learn more at K nd D a fund dot or GE and Americans for the Arts. I've.

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