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They have no complaints that people actually attending the rave who able to kind of leave their apartments for most of the day between two and ten PM however, dancing a drink with friends won't be complaining either it's on the outside who are fundamentally against anybody you know going outside and the. Level of normality with this virus known circulation who have the most to say about it, which is understandable to you look at this Michaela Guy and who says he has some. Health reasons preventing him from going out those first place. So he's a little bit more conscious and aware and sensitive to what's going on by don't think that prism or the idea that Pov should be applied to others. Again, we're in twenty twenty, where in twenty one most governments have dealt with covid. Haphazardly in a very reckless and some will especially in the UK, right very hands offish type away and you know somewhat showed that there's rumors of a tier four being introduced here in the UK. Parts of Spain have gone under look down. Italy. enforceme-enforcing again, there's so many really bad ways are approaching covid nineteen. I don't. Die Somehow understand why son industries so and establishing some business owners taking matters into their own hands and I get it. Do I support it fully would I want to put myself at risk and go sees events probably not but understand why some people would want to do. So and I guess unfair to not is unfair to ascribe your way of looking at things and how you would want to operate to everybody else I think if you make. The decision to stay indoors and you happy to do. So do it the people that want to go out and brave let them do. So if they put themselves at risk is what it is. I don't think they're doing any different not causing any much damage to anybody else going to a bar go into Russia look into Soup Marquette his point in time I don't believe those numbers oldest fax to be true. But Hey, what do I know? Moving on, we have this really. That is really really funny clip here from again another example of the. Maybe, the the dams bursting at the seams and people having enough of Covid nineteen lockdowns and people are so rebelling. This is really funny video of. Rape that took place in the UK over the weekend featuring way McKay Michael Beebe Archie Hamilton Again Business Techno cruise or Tech House quiz harder is easier to basically point your fingers and laugh at them. Get angry and have a negative to what they doing the video itself is jokes because again, it kind of you know there's no amount of money that would you you would pay me to go to a party like this especially, during covert the last thing I want to listen to to break my sort of like a going out you know. Yet the the last thing I'd WanNa do to break my gory now doctors to go to Tech House Piper look look at us..

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