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Com. Sarah, how are you doing? What do you got planned for Thanksgiving? I'm going to see the parents and watch a lot of football, excited for that, you know, I've been watching more football here, obviously, over these last three weeks or so, getting back into it, remembering how everything works with baseball over so that will continue on Thanksgiving Day for sure. All right, so before we play the numbers game, give me a deal that's happened so far in this off season that you really like in terms of the player or the match for the team or the value of the deal, you can take it any way you want. I think it's got to be the Eduardo Rodriguez deal. I mean, I remember you when he pitched on some baseball towards the end of the year. You talking about that graphic, I love so much with the comparison of his expected ERA and actual ERA in the 2021 season. He had a three 50 expected ERA to go along with that four 74 ERA and the point there is that he pitched a lot better than he ended up sort of getting credit for. And the defense behind him may have led him down whatever else, but the quality of contact that he allowed was far better than the results showed. And I think that just shows what we all sort of expect out of him and have seen in his career that there's a lot of potential there. So I love what the tigers are doing. It's really fun to see a team that hasn't been competitive in a few years here making a handful of different signings and trades and I really like that one for them. You know, that's going to be an interesting test of the field versus analytics because I think you and I are an agreement that the analytics show that you can make a case that he's one of the 15 or 20 best pictures in baseball from 2021. But you and I also have enormous respect for Alex Cora, the manager of the Red Sox. We talked about what a great feeling has for players. And I don't know how much, you know, he input he had directly, but between he and the coaching staff and the front office, they didn't really try to compete with him, which kind of tells me something about sort of what they feel about paying him like an ace might be. Definitely, it's interesting. I mean, I think that for me, what happened with him, especially in 2021, really comes down to that defense behind him. And we know that the Red Sox did not have a great defense, not that the tigers defense was particularly spectacular in 2021, but let's Tucker barnhart and everybody else. They seem to be building towards being a more competitive team. So I do think that it's almost those elements that were beyond his control, but it is interesting because as you're saying, the Red Sox know better than anybody. And the fact that they weren't out there making this kind of offer means that maybe they have a different understanding of the same numbers that you and I are looking at and have a different sort of projection of him moving forward. You know, it would be fun just to almost like a science experiment if in fact the answer is one of the tigers wind up landing Carlos Correa. And then the tigers also traded for mat Chapman. How different he would be with that left side of the infield versus what he had with the Red Sox. But anyway, I'm yeah. Let's play the numbers game. Number three so number three is 5. So yesterday, the comeback player of the years were announced in both leaf we had three Mancini in the American League and Buster Posey, who is now retired and the national league. So I was really curious about how many guys have one comeback player of the year in the year that they retired. So whether it happened before or after the awards announcement, you know, we won't get into those specifics. But one in their final year of the career. So the MLB award has existed since 2005, but prior to that, there's also the sporting news award, which began in 1965. So if we look at sporting news from 65 to four MLB from 2005 until the present bus or posey, Mariano Rivera in 2013, Darren Dalton in 1997, John Tudor in 1990 and Lou Brock in 1979, or your 5 players retire after winning comeback player of the year. So pretty fun award to be winning on your way out. And there were so many great jokes on Twitter last night of it being come back player with a space between coming back as in, please come back Buster Posey, which was also very funny to say. Number two number two is 100. So I know this deal was last week, but Noah syndergaard heading over to the angels leads to a really fun note with him and Shohei Ohtani. I mean, Shohei Ohtani is in a class of his own as a pitcher who hits we know that unanimous MVP everything else. But before shohei Otani before we were lucky enough to get to witness what he did, Noah cinder, art was one of these guys in the more Madison Bumgarner category of pitchers who hit who aren't also unanimous MVPs with the bat and Noah syndergaard and shohei Otani are the only pitchers under sakas tracking to throw a hundred mile an hour fastball and hit a home run with a hundred plus mile in our exit velocity in the same game. So just to really fun comparison there, I know that cinder Ed's not exactly going to get a chance to do that in an angel's uniform, but I wonder what the dugout conversations might be about hitting tips 'cause we know those pitchers love to talk about it, even if he's now in the American League because there will be a DH. Number one. Number one is two. So again, I know we had awards, but I still have these awards on my mind. And I think this is one of the coolest notes and Vladimir guru, junior had such an amazing season. No question, than unanimous MVP I completely agree with that. But, you know, I want to make sure that vlog gets his due for the season he had. And I just thought this was such an incredible thing. So he finished second for lmb. His father, of course, one AL MVP in 2004. They're the first father son duo to both finish top two in their careers for any bbw player award. So MVP Siam rookie there we can mix and match doesn't matter doesn't have to be the same award. They are the first father son duo to both finish top to at some point in their careers for one of those awards. And I think that's really important because we talk about father some things all the time. And there are a lot of fun father son duos in baseball history, but this is the first one where it feels like we have a potential for the youngster to also end up Hall of Famer and his father, of course, already was. So, you know, we talk about others as Barry and Bobby bonzer, the Griff he's the fielders, but nobody is really done what the guerreros have now already done. Before I ask you about Stephen Matt, who, according to Jill Sherman, is likely to get a deal before we get to the December 1st deadline with the expiration of the collective Barney agreement. As you were talking about training Mancini, I was thinking about this. He's going to be a fascinating and I'm not looking for your response on this. This is just me riffing. He's going to be an interesting test as well on just how bloodless the Orioles tanking is. Because he's scheduled to make through arbitration, 7.2 million. He's a first baseman. Jesse Rogers and I were just talking about how the first base market is one that during the winter time they dropped. You know, we've seen home run champs who were first baseman non tendered. Trey Mancini's owed $7.2 million..

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