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Okay. So we drink, we suck down our drink, and then we all chose from. There's There's like like, a. I'm like. Doing what you are. This is great. You're doing a better job than I ever. I just I was thinking back to us ordering because the menus big, it's big, but we all went for the same page, which is like the common, not combinations, what's it called the, it's the, it's the call, call it the teppanyaki experience or the teppanyaki meals where you have like five or six basically like mini courses, they call it the botchy meal. I one of the two. Probably right now is scrolling the mega man read it pace. The guy that is cool and he is way cooler than why don't get me wrong. That's also cool being at school to be an video games anime. Now. Times of j.j, but yeah, and this was this was at your suggestion. You can order all a cart there and they, they have sushi which we didn't try. They have like some traditions, traditional Japanese American fair that you just sort of. See in one of these restaurants, but the experience is what this is all about, sort of pressured everybody to really go that route and you're right, you're absolutely right. So you get either a five or six course meal depending on which version you go with. And then here the courses, Benny HANA onion soup, Benny hana's salad hibachi, shrimp appetizer hibachi, hibachi vegetables. Those some of these kind of these items kind of blend together. The same course of mushrooms, which I think were part of the soup. I listed separately actually get a little scoop of. We did mushrooms. That's right. Homemade dipping sauces, not. Of course. This is the way this is listen, steamed rice, or you can also get botchy chicken rice and which is like their fried rice. And then you get an ice cream or sherbet to end things out. Mitch, wait a minute. There's that didn't give us on that on that list. The Japanese hot green tea. We might have your it. It is so fucked up God. I love that green tea. I writer there was another guy who wasn't Victor with the big old beard the guy with the big OB who've got to give me my Cup at the end. It sounds like you forgot to give us our team. I'm going to only give him the benefit of the doubt that I think he was every every tables so to speak. What are they called losses in the end if we wanted, I dream. Not the doctor. Heels if he has as we wanted ice cream at the end, which we all supposed to get dude, we, that's what we ordered. Fucking idiot pieces. Shit. Maybe a reason we didn't get good service through on the fussing botchy. One of the things though was that you had the choice as you said between? Yes, light rice, just the regular steamed rice in the fried rice here. Oh. It was like, I guess we'll get the white rice and we all call them eighty until he changed his ordered. Everyone really came Abby for this. Every person got including got the fried rice and you were the one holdout who got the steamed rice. And I understand. I like steamed right change. Then you change your orbit. I, I was just thinking on it for God's sake. I know he's basically saying, I love white rice, which you should is great. Choice of this amazing fried rice that has been at Benny hana's. You're not gonna want to. You're not gonna. Wanna pass up. They put a huge like ice cream scoops worth of garlic. Butters it is. So it's it's great. It's great that in just so fun. Like let's talk about like how they make it in front of us..

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