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Don't think series is over again. I picked the clippers and savon. But i don't think they're like in total control. Now a lot of people would say you know. They got the jazz where they want them. I never sat total control. They wanna series. I yeah. I think it's going to be a six game. Series minimum. Could be six. Yeah but i mean like yeah. I meant that it could end in six if they go and get that win in utah. You know what. I mean taking go back and close it out is what i meant So i think the jazz still has a shot. Even though i think the clippers better team every time you think you've got a handle in the clippers. I it seems like you don't whether good or bad you know. You think their role in and then somehow we were rolling year. Know they were up right. Yeah they were looking great. And here's the thing. Utah is much better at home. And you've been up there rob today at a real. I'm up to the old salt palace right place right. But they They had the best home record in the league this year. And then get this rob on the road. They had the same road. Record as the indiana pacers tell. Yes that now. Granted the pacers for a bad or mediocre team. Were good on the road but still. They didn't make the playoffs in the east. So that tells you how different utah is at home on the road so utah still got some fight left. Obviously they could. Mike conley come back. He would make a difference if he comes back. Air rob the niewoudt kawai. Now i said after the game. I'm fine in no big deal tie lou who's talked about it has said he's good but we saw winston and we saw him take himself out for the last four minutes and so hopefully it doesn't become an issue but i'm just saying these are little things that tell me. This thing is far from over. But the hearing what we're gonna alto let me just say this real quick there were by fifteen or whatever you should come out in the final four minutes. You know what. I mean like the like the game i know they got it down very reasons. Yeah because everybody else stayed in but they should have come but seeing right but they never really liked you. They cut it to ten. And then the clippers put it back up to thirteen and it was fifteen. You know what i mean. It wasn't like ten and they got a shot to make it eight or seven. It wasn't like that they got it down to ten and then right away. They got a three and thirteen. And then it was my right. He's been really good in the clutch. He's like the fourth. I the clutch. They've had their problems in the clutch but in the fourth quarters like he's really put up nice numbers even when he didn't shoot it well throughout the first three quarters. He's done that. He's done in the four. So but here's the other thing as you know a lot of these games not all of them but a lot of these games throughout the postseason. The clippers have kinda gone as marcus morris. Go as crazy as that sounds. Because he's far from their best player. He shoots fifth in the playoffs. Eleven games. He is shot fifty percent from three at home in the staple center on the road. Twenty one percent..

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